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3 Best Pokemon TCG Decks

Find out how to dominate the meta in the Pokemon Trading Card Game with these three powerful decks

If you are hoping to grind the 2024 Pokémon competitive season, you will first need to learn the top decks inside and out. Whether you are playing one of them or playing against one of them, knowing the meta will keep you competitive in the next regional. Here are the decks to look out for following the Pittsburgh Regional

Miraidon ex

miraidon ex card

Jesse Parker won the Pittsburgh regional with a wild 9-0-0 record while using Miraidon ex. While it was initially thought to be “mid,” Miraidon ex has proven to be the most dominant deck in the meta. It was the deck that won at Worlds in Japan and has continued to prove itself as a fast and powerful deck in the 2023 season as well.

This is thanks to Miraidon ex’s ability, Tandem Unit. It states that you can search your deck for up to two basic lightning ‘mon and put them on your bench once per turn. You basically can get all the Pokémon you need right away and then use less search cards, making your deck more efficient later on.

Here are the required cards in the deck. There is room to pick your own cards depending on your style and preferences, including Path to the Peak and Raiku V.

  • Miraidon ex x3 (SV081)
  • Regieleki V x4 (SIT057)
  • Regieleki VMAX x3 (SIT058)
  • Klefki x2 (SV096)
  • Radiant Greninja x1 (AR046)
  • Ultra Ball x3
  • Nest Ball x4
  • Escape Rope x1
  • Switch Cart x1
  • Electricity Generator x4
  • Arven x2
  • Judge x3
  • Boss’s Orders x2
  • Professor’s Research x3
  • Beach Court x2
  • Lightning Energy x13-15

Lost Zone Box

colress's experiment tcg

This deck was included in the Pittsburgh top 8 multiple times after showing off at Worlds. Thanks to its incredible consistency and the fact that all the main Pokémon are one prizers, Lost Zone Box has continued to be a favorite in the current meta. It’s led by Comfey, which allows you to draw cards right from the start. Use Switch and Escape Rope to keep using Comfey’s ability and then use your other ‘mon to clean up once you have enough cards in your Lost Zone.

  • Comfey x4 (LOR 79)
  • Sableye x2 (LOR 70)
  • Cramorant x1 (LOR 50)
  • Radiant Greninja x1 (ASR 46)
  • Kyogre x1 (CEL 3)
  • Manaphy x1 (BRS 41)
  • Dragonite V x1 (PR-SW 154)
  • Pidgeot V x1 (LOR 137)
  • Colress's Experiment x4
  • Boss's Orders x2
  • Klara x2
  • Mirage Gate x4
  • Battle VIP Pass x4
  • Nest Ball x4
  • Switch Cart x4
  • Escape Rope x4
  • Lost Vacuum x3
  • Energy Recycler x2
  • Hisuian Heavy Ball x1
  • 2 Forest Seal Stone x2
  • Beach Court x2
  • Water Energy x5
  • Psychic Energy x4
  • Lightning Energy x2


Lugia Vstar Pokemon TCG card

Lugia VSTAR has continued to dominate the 2023 season and now the 2024 season with a few variations as more sets come out. Lugia VSTAR is a great blend of offense with its 220 damage Tempest Drive powered by Archeops as well as aggressive with its VSTAR Power Summoning Star. This lets you get two colorless ‘mon on your bench right away, letting you get out two Archeops that can then power up your Lugia with energy.

  • Lugia V x4 (SIT)
  • Lugia VSTAR x3 (SIT)
  • Archeops x4 (SIT)
  • Tyranitar V x2 (BST)
  • Stonjourner x2 (BST)
  • Lumineon V x1 (BRS)
  • Drapion V x1 (CRZ)
  • Pumpkaboo x1 (EVS)
  • Double Turbo Energy x2
  • Single Strike Energy x4
  • V Guard Energy x2
  • Gift Energy x3
  • Regenerative Energy x2
  • Boss's Orders x2
  • Judge x1
  • Professor Burnet x1
  • Professor's Research x3
  • Roxanne x1
  • Serena x1
  • Capturing Aroma x4
  • Great Ball x3
  • Ultra Ball x4
  • Urn of Vitality x3
  • Collapsed Stadium x1
  • Tower of Darkness x3