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5 Most Expensive Pokemon Cards From McDonald's 2023 Promos

New McDonald's promo Pokemon TCG cards have surprisingly low secondary market pricing

It looks like scalpers haven’t gotten to all the McDonald’s Pokémon promos this year. At least not yet.

In previous years, it was quite difficult for collectors to get their hands on a booster pack of Pokémon cards at McDonald’s after scalpers loaded up their cars with Happy Meals. This year, the booster packs are back at Mickey D’s but the cards are still easy to come by.

Here are the market prices of the most expensive cards in the 2023 McDonald’s collection.

Pikachu — $8.38

Pikachu McDonalds promo TCG card

It’s no surprise to see Pikachu at the top of the list since he’s the mascot and all that. This holo card is also extra adorable, featuring the electric squirrel running down the street with an excited look on his face and a vibrant cityscape behind him.

Sprigatito — $7.26

Sprigatito McDonalds promo TCG card

This purr-fect plant kitty is a fan favorite starter thanks to its cute design. While it may turn into a furry in its later evolutions, this wholesome kitten has captured the hearts of many. The McDonald’s holo promo has a cute watercolor-like design in the background.

Quaxly — $6.75

Quaxly McDonalds promo TCG card

Colorful and cute, this promo is most definitely one for collectors. The kaleidoscope background and bold image of Quaxly are very dynamic and fun. Quaxly has been a pretty popular starter, making it no surprise that it’s also at the top of the list.

Fuecoco — $5.50

Fuecoco McDonalds promo TCG card

Apparently Fuecoco isn’t as desirable as Sprigatito and Quaxly, but that’s how it’s been since the three starters were announced. Fuecoco is still adorable in its own right, of course, so this starter is definitely one of the best cards to pull at McDonald’s.

Klawf — $1.90

Pikachu McDonalds promo TCG card

Here’s an interesting one — Klawf is the priciest card aside from Pikachu and the starters. This tropical crab catches its prey by hanging upside down from trees, which is quite strange. The peculiar crustacean is a hit with collectors this time around.

Card Prices in Pokémon McDonalds 2023 Collection

Here are all of the ‘mons in this year’s McDonald’s collection and their prices:

  • Pikachu - $8.38
  • Sprigatito - $7.26
  • Quaxly - $6.75
  • Fuecoco - $5.50
  • Klawf - $1.90
  • Pawmi - $1.45
  • Cetoddle - 0.75c
  • Kirlia - 0.75c
  • Blissey - 0.75c
  • Cetitan - 0.85c
  • Flittle - 0.50c
  • Kilowattrel - 0.10c
  • Clyclizar - 0.10c
  • Sandaconda - 0.10c
  • Tandemous - 0.10c

Packs are currently available online for $4.49 if you don’t want to buy a Happy Meal or leave your house.