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The Best Cards in Pokemon TCG Paradox Rift

Paradox Rift has a few cards that are poised to warp the Pokemon TCG meta. We break down the very best cards in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Paradox Rift
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Paradox Rift is here and the set is looking like it may shake up the current Pokémon TCG meta. If you are looking to create a refreshed deck before the next few regionals, here are the cards you’ll want to get your hands on.

Counter Catcher

Counter Catcher trainer card in Paradox Rift

Counter Catcher is back. This card allows you to switch one of your opponent’s ‘mon into the active spot if you have more prize cards left. This creates some much-needed deck interaction that the game was lacking. It’s also a way to make a comeback if you’re behind.


Mela in Paradox Rift

Here’s another comeback card. Mela is a supporter that lets you attach a basic energy card from your discard pile to one of your ‘mon only if you had your own Pokémon KO’d on your opponent’s last turn. If you do this, draw cards until you have six in your hand. This card is definitely handy to have.

Professor Sada’s Vitality

Professor Sada's Vitality in Paradox Rift

This support card features a popular female trainer and has great art — but it’s also viable. Playing this card lets you choose up to two of your Ancient Pokémon and attach basic energy to them from your discard in any way you’d like. Even better, you can draw three cards after.

Roaring Moon ex

Roaring Moon ex in Paradox Rift

This ex Pokémon is one of the best in the set. Calamity Storm is a great attack since stadium cards are pretty big in the meta right now. For two Dark energy and one Colorless, you can do 100 damage and then 120 more if you discard a stadium in play. It will most likely fit into most top decks.

Gholdengo ex

Gholdengo ex in Paradox Rift

This ‘mon has great draw power thanks to its ability, Coin Bonus. You can draw one card per turn or you can draw two if it’s in your active spot. Gholdengo ex attack is pretty strong as well, doing 50 damage per discarded basic energy from your hand. This is great since there are many energy-related cards right now, meaning good synergy.

Iron Hands ex

This powerful card was predicted to break the current meta. Its attack will possibly make many meta decks weaker. For one Electric energy and three Colorless, you do 120 damage. Sounds meh, but the text reads: “If your opponent’s Pokémon is knocked out by damage from this attack, take one more prize card.”

This is great because you will take two prizes for popular one-prizers in the top deck. You will also get three prizes for the most meta two-prize-based decks. This is huge. Expect Iron Hands ex to be slipped into most top decks, like Chien-Pao ex.