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Gen 1 Starter Tera Raids Coming to Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Want to test your team and get some extremely powerful Pokémon in the process? Here is your guide to the upcoming Tera Raid battle events schedule.

Pokémon players are getting some challenges in the form of Tera Raid battle events. 

During the Pokémon Day livestream, the company shared some exciting updates for a variety of existing games (and revealed new titles). This includes Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, which will be getting some Tera Raid battle events very soon. 

What are Tera Raid Battles?

Tera Raid battles are new to Scarlet & Violet. These battles will allow trainers to challenge super strong wild Pokémon that are powered up by the Terastal phenomenon. 

These events will have optional challenges but these will provide you with powerful Pokémon and loot. 

Upcoming Tera Raid Battle Events Announced

During the Pokémon Presents livestream, trainers were given a complete timeline of upcoming Tera Raid battles. Here is the complete event schedule: 

  • Mighty Venusaur - Wednesday, February 28 to Tuesday, March 5
  • Mighty Blastoise - Wednesday, March 6 to Tuesday, March 12
  • Mighty Charizard - Wednesday, March 13 to Sunday, March 17
Pokémon Presents _ 2.27.2024 1-30 screenshot

You can only catch one of each Mighty Pokémon. If you want to participate in another Tera Raid battle against them, you will not get another Mighty Pokémon and will instead get other rewards. 

The Mighty Charizard is a returning monster. It will have the same stats and moves as it did in the previous Mighty Charizard event. If you already have a Mighty Charizard, you can't catch another one during this event. 

Learn more about upcoming Pokémon games and events in the Pokémon Presents livestream above. You can also get an overview here [LINK TO OUR ARTICLE].