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Best 7 Star Tera Raid Counter Guide for Chesnaught the Unrivaled in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

  • Chesnaught will be in Tera Raid battles from June 14th until June 18th.
  • Chesnaught will likely have Rock Tera Typing and be weak to Fighting, Ground, and Steel.
  • The three best counters for Chesnaught are Iron Leaves, Annihilape and Gholdengo.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet has been keeping fans fed with some of the best starters from previous generations through the Tera Raid battle system. They’ve been adding in fan favorite like Decidueye and Samurott and even had events where players could capture new Paradox Legendary Pokémon based on Suicune and Virizion. The next 7-Star Starter to hit the Tera Raids is the water type Chesnaught from generation 6’s Pokémon X and Y.

Chesnaught will only be available for a few days, so drop everything you're doing and start preparing now! Chesnaught will be in Tera Raid battles from June 14th until June 18th.


Unlock the High Level Raids

If you haven’t battled in the 7-Star Tera Raids, this is what is going to take you the most time. To unlock access you need to have finished the core story of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, which shouldn’t be an issue at this point. You’ll be asked to go around and battle all the gyms again, then participate in the Ace Tournament. All of that shouldn’t give you too much difficulty, so all that’s left is to participate in ten Tera Raids of 4 and 5 Star difficulty.

When you’ve participated in enough of them, you should see 7-Star Tera Raids start to pop up on your map but only when you are connected online.

Capturing Chesnaught

Start by finding the raid den for Chesnaught, it’ll be a dark, black flashing Rock icon on your map. Chesnaught will always be an Rock Tera-type for these raids, so that’s going to help determine the best counter to take him down.

The 7-Star Raids are very tough, so it’s recommended you go in with a group of actual players and don’t just fill up your team with the NPC players. But, if you think the Pokémon you have is up to the challenge, people have soloed the 7-Star Raids in the past.

Rewards for Chesnaught

What kinds of rewards do you get for taking down Chesnaught? You’ll be able to add Chesnaught to your Pokémon collection and this one comes with the Mightiest Mark, so he’ll appear on the battlefield as Chesnaught the Unrivaled.

You’ll also get the best chance at Herba Mystica, Ability Patches and Capsules, a large amount of Tera Shards and plenty of items to sell for Poke Dollars. Plus, the best chances at Bottle Caps and Golden Bottle Caps for hyper training.

Chesnaught’s Set-Up

Chesnaught's likely move set is going to include Body Press, Earthquake, Stone Edge and Seed Bomb. He’ll also have access to something like Spiky Shield or Iron Defense. Chesnaught’s biggest game changing aspect will be his ability. He may have his hidden ability Bulletproof which gives it an immunity to bomb and ball-type moves like Aura Sphere, Focus Blast and Bullet Seed.

The Best Counters for Chesnaught

Chesnaught has a lot of great counters taking into account his Rock typing, but when you remember he’s also a Grass and Fighting type under that tera type, it’s probably not a good idea to bring in any Ground types. Here’s the three best counters you can employ against Chesnaught.


Here’s all the basic details you need to know at a glance to get your Annihilape prepared.

  • Tera Type: Fighting
  • Nature: Adamant (Attack Up, Special Attack Down)
  • EV Spread: HP 252, Attack 252, Defense 4
  • Ability: Defiant
  • Held Item: Shell Bell
  • Move set:
    • Rage Fist
    • Drain Punch
    • Bulk Up
    • Screech

The ghostly rage monkey is a good pick here because he will be completely immune to all of Chesnaught’s fighting type moves and have resistance to anything rock-type.

In the first three turns spam the Screech move to lower Chesnaught’s defense by six stages. Then use Rage Fist to build up your tera orb. Throw in some Drain Punches if you need to heal up some HP. Once you’ve terastallized, spam more Rage Fist until you have Chesnaught in the bag.

Iron Leaves

Here’s all the basic details you need to know at a glance to get your Iron Leaves prepared.

  • Tera Type: Grass
  • Nature: Adamant (Attack Up, Special Attack Down)
  • EV Spread: HP 252, Attack 252, Defense 4
  • Ability: Quark Drive
  • Held Item: Electric Seed
  • Move set:
    • Electric Terrain
    • Leer
    • Swords Dance
    • Leaf Blade

If you managed to pick up an Iron Leaves, you should use it against Chesnaught. It should already have perfect IVs so it’ll hit very hard and be able to withstand quite the punishment. Make sure you activate Quark Drive with Electric Terrain to boost defense with that and the Electric Seed.

Then just boost yourself with Swords Dance and spam Lead Blade. Thanks to Iron Leaves dual Grass\Psychic typing, it’ll be resistant to Chesnaught’s STAB grass and fighting moves. This should be an easy win for you!


Here’s all the basic details you need to know at a glance to get your Gholdengo prepared.

  • Tera Type: Steel
  • Nature: Modest (Special Attack Up, Attack Down)
  • EV Spread: HP 252, Special Attack 252, Defense 4
  • Ability: Good as Gold
  • Held Item: Shell Bell
  • Move set:
    • Nasty Plot
    • Flash Cannon
    • Steel Beam
    • Metal Sound

Gholdengo has great resistance and defense against Chesnaught. He’ll resist Rock and Grass typing while being immune to Fighting type. When you use his Steel-type moves they’ll deal excellent STAB damage.

Start by using Nasty Plot to boost up your special attack by four stages. Then use Metal Sound to drop Chesnaught’s special defense by two stages. Then you just spam Flash Cannon until you can use your Tera Orb and when you do just repeat these steps until Chesnaught is yours.