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Full Pokemon TCG Release Schedule For 2024

Every set, product, and major update coming to the Pokemon TCG in 2024

The Pokémon TCG is in full swing, with new sets planned for the entirety of 2024. Every year, the TCG follows a pretty set pattern for expansions and 2024 is no different. With these expansions come new, more powerful Pokémon cards that shake up the competitive meta and collectible products that keep traders on their toes. Here is what to expect so far.

Scarlet & Violet - Paldean Fates

Temporal Forces paradox raikou

Release Date: January 26, 2024

This set is coming this month so be ready. Paldean Fates will be focused on Shiny Pokémon, with over 130 on the way. There will be three Illustration Rare shiny ‘mon cards and eight Special Illustration Rare cards, all based on Japan’s Shiny Treasures set.

Combined Powers Premium Collection

Release Date: February 23, 2024

This collection is focused on the three Legendaries, Ho-Oh ex, Lugia ex, and Suicune ex. The collection also includes a foil card of Mr. Mime and an oversized Lugia ex card, as well as a lot of booster packs. This is perfect for collectors so be on the lookout.

Pokémon TCG: ex Battle Decks

Release Date: February 23, 2024

Two new battle decks are coming to the United States in February. It’s now been revealed to feature Zapdos ex and Ninetales ex. At $19.99, these decks are rated Play Level 2 and come with better cards than the usual battle decks.

Mabosstiff ex Box

Release Date: February 23, 2024

This box is focused on Mabosstiff, including a Mabosstiff ex promo and a jumbo version, a holo Maschiff, and four booster packs. Mabosstiff ex was originally given out in Japan as part of their April Gym tournaments. It will be about time we get the card ourselves!

World Championship Decks

Release Date: March 1, 2024

Every year, Pokémon releases decks based on the decks that won the last World Championship (which took place in Japan in 2023). These decks are pretty competitive and you’ll only have to make a few changes if you want them to be good for locals and regionals.

Paldea Adventure Chest and Stacking Tins

Paldea Adventure card chest

Release Date: March 1, 2024

This collectible item features seven foil promo cards featuring popular monsters like Pikachu, Sprigatito, Pawmi, Tandemaus, Maushold, and more. The Paldea Adventure Chest has six booster packs but it’s more than just that. This colorful collection also features tech stickers, a mini portfolio, and even a Pikachu toy.

Scarlet & Violet - Temporal Forces

Release Date: March 22, 2024

This expansion set is going to be released simultaneously with its Japanese counterpart. The officially revealed set includes over 180 cards featuring the Paradox ‘mon and the return of ACE SPEC cards. First revealed by trusted TCG insiders, Temporal Forces will have two Tera Pokémon ex, Wugtrio ex and Farigiraf ex, as well as six hyper rare gold etched cards. Prepare for the competitive meta to be re-imagined.