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How to Complete the Billy and O'Nare Quest And Get Secret Golden Costume

The Teal Mask holds a couple of fun challenges during the end game, here are two of the main ones

Spoiler warning for The Teal Mask content ahead. If you don’t want to learn details about the DLC make sure to finish it before reading this article

The first half of the DLC expansion for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet packed quite a punch when it comes to content and something that caught the player’s attention is the content available after you finish the main story quests.

In this article, we’ll cover how you can complete the Billy and O’Nare quest, receive tons of rewards as well as finish the Caretaker quest to acquire a unique golden costume.

How to start the Billy and O’Nare quest

Billy O'Nare quest Location 1

First location

You will first get to know about the existence of the rich couple through an NPC located near the left exit of Mossui Town, this NPC will have a text bubble above its head with the couple’s name. To kick off this journey head to the cliff in between Apple Hills and the rice farms before Mossui Town, you will find the duo you are looking for.

Talk to either NPC and after the dialogue, O’Nare will challenge you to a Pokémon battle, during this first encounter she will only have a level 65 Persian. After defeating her you’ll receive 17,420 Pokédollars and she’ll mention her desire to visit a certain waterfall in Paldea.

Billy and O’Nare’s second location

Billy O'Nare quest Location 2

Location 2

The waterfall mentioned by the wife is actually Fury Falls located on the right side of Paldea. If you have already finished Pokémon Scarlet & Violet’s main storyline you will most likely have a fast-travel marker already there.

This time after speaking with either NPC you will not need to battle them, finish the dialogue and you will receive 15 Big Pearls which if sold will get you 60,000 Pokédollars. After this exchange, they’ll mention a remote location which they want to go next.

Billy and O’Nare’s third location

Billy O'Nare quest Location 3

Location 3

This time the couple won’t be in any known landmarks, they are located in one of the mountains between South Province (Area One) and South Province (Area Five). Speak to either NPC again and you will receive 15 Nuggets (75,000 Pokédollars) as well as a tip regarding the duo’s next location which is related to the wife’s craving for “fruit only the land of Kitakami can provide”.

Billy and O’Nare’s fourth location

Billy O'Nare quest Location 4

Location 4

The duo can be found in the south section of the Apple Hills. Speaking to them will trigger a string of dialogue followed by another trainer battle where you will again face O’Nare’s level 65 Persian which should not be a challenge.

After finishing the battle you will receive 17,420 Pokédollars as a reward and O’Nare will say their next destination is the “biggest body of water in all of Paldea”.

Billy and O’Nare’s fifth location

Billy O'Nare quest Location 5

Location 5

In the bottom left of Casseroya Lake, you will find the billionaire couple talking to each other, interact with them and they will once again share some of their knowledge with you, give you 10 Pearl Strings (100,000 Pokédollars) and the wife will mention her desire to “scale a lofty mountain with pure, white snow”.

Billy and O’Nare’s sixth location

Billy O'Nare quest Location 6

Location 6

With almost zero landmarks and relevant terrain to help with guidance this sixth location is one of the hardest to find. The couple will be located to the far north of Paldea to the left of the river that crosses the region’s snowy mountains. All you need to do is talk to them, and receive 10 Big Nuggets (200,000 Pokédollars), and get the tip regarding the seventh and final location: “the centermost point of Paldea”.

Billy and O’Nare’s seventh and final location

Billy O'Nare quest Location 7

Location 7

The last part of the Billy and O’Nare quest will have you climbing the mountains between The Great Crater of Paldea and the South Province (Area Three). After talking to the couple you will face a for the last time O’Nare in a battle, this time she’ll lead with a level 65 Arboliva followed by her Persian which will now be level 69. Defeating her will reward you with a whopping 70,140 Pokédollars in prize money, 25 Big Nuggets (500,000 Pokédollars), a Glitterati Case for your Rotom-phone, and the Oh No! emote.

How to do the Caretaker quest and get the golden costume

After finishing the main story from The Teal Mask the Loyal Three’s monument will be found completely destroyed by the rebirth of the three legendary Pokémon. To begin the Caretaker quest you must first talk to him, he will be located in the Kitakami Hall in front of the red building.

After speaking to him he will inform you of their desire to rebuild the Loyal Three’s monument but for it to happen they require a million Pokédollars. In order to give the Caretaker the money necessary to complete the quest all you need to do is talk to him, doing so will open the option of donating 10,000, 100,000, or nothing to the cause - keep donating until you reach the goal.

Completing the quest will allow you to learn the Hurray! emote and as a special gift for you being the number one supporter of the monument’s reconstruction, the Caretaker will gift you the golden Flashy Festival Jinbei!