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This weekend in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet a special 5-Star Blissey Tera Raid will be available that will yield an increased amount of Tera Raid Shards and Exp. Candies. According to Nintendo, there may even be a special Blissey in one of these raids that grants even more prizes and will give you a substantial load of Tera Shards with different Tera Types.

The event starts Friday, March 24th, and ends on Sunday, March 26th, so don’t delay. Here’s everything you need to know to defeat Blissey with ease.

What Is a Tera Raid Battle?

Tera Raids are large crystal structures littered around Pokémon Scarlet & Violet that when interacted with, allow you to fight a super strong version of a Pokémon. You will get to battle it solo, or with three other players. These can be random players from around the world if you’re connected online, your friends or computer-controlled NPCs.

Pokémon in Tera Raid Battles will always have a secondary Tera Type that makes fighting them more challenging than their normal version. They also give out a bunch of unique and powerful rewards.

How to Defeat Blissey?

There isn’t a single unified strategy for defeating this Five-Star Blissey raid because she can appear as any Tera Type in the game. However, since she’s only a Five-Star and not Six or Seven, it should be a bit easier if you bring in the right Typing Counter.

Any heavy hitter with an opposing Tera Type should be able to easily handle Blissey. Her only real strength is that she’s a massive damage sponge, but with a Pokémon who has been trained and can counter her type you shouldn’t have much of an issue.

Use this handy chart from Bulbapedia to figure out which Typing the Blissey you’re going up against is most vulnerable to. Once she puts up her Tera Shield, Terastallized your Pokémon and hit her with the strongest move you have and she should go down easy especially if you’re playing with other real players.

This weekend is also your last chance to catch the rare and powerful 7-Star Tera Raid Decidueye with the Mighty Mark, so check out our guide on how to defeat him and add a powerful Grass\Ghost Pokémon to your arsenal!