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How to Participate in Official Pokémon Unite Tournaments

Season 3 of the Pokémon Unite Championship series has begun. Here is a complete guide on how to find a team and sign up for tournaments.

Season 3 is finally upon us for the next Championship Series in Pokémon Unite! Teams will be competing in all parts of the world for a chance to qualify for the World Championships in Hawaii later this year. Competing is extremely fun but the start-up process can feel daunting. So we have a quick and easy guide on how to sign up and play in official tournaments.

  • Find 4 friends to form a team with.
  • Get a Play! Pokémon Player ID
  • Create a account
  • Sign up for the tournament

Find a team

00 Nation 2023 Brazil Regional Champions

00 Nation 2023 Brazil Regional Champions

To participate in official tournaments you will need to have a team made up of at least 5 players. You are allowed an alternate on your roster that can be subbed in if one of your players can not make the event. The easiest way to find a team is of course form up with 4 of your friends and enter the event. However, if you are looking for players to team with there are two great resources to find teammates.

  • The Luminosity Gaming Pokémon Unite discord
  • The official Pokémon Unite Championship Series discord

Both of these servers have channels in them dedicated to players who are looking for teams. There you can find like-minded individuals who you can compete alongside! The Luminosity server is a more popular destination for players looking for a team but the official discord has the benefit of having the channels sorted by region.

Get a Play! Pokémon Player ID


If Unite is the first competitive Pokémon title you have ever played then you may not have a Play! Pokémon ID. This ID will be used to track the “Championship Points” you earn throughout the season. To get one of these you will need to create a Pokémon Trainer Club account. Once you have created this and agreed to the terms of service a Play Pokémon ID will be generated in your account that you can see from the dashboard.

Create a Account

This year all of the Unite Championship Series tournaments are being held on So if you want to participate you will need to make an account. Simply create an account and link it with your discord and you will be all set to begin competing!

Sign Up for a Tournament

All that is left to do is sign up for a tournament. Head over to the League Page to see a complete list of events for every region. Find the next event that you can compete in and click on the “Register” button to sign up. On this page, you will be asked for some information, but don’t be overwhelmed there are helpful picture guides to find everything you need. Here is what they are looking for:

  • Select a team or Create new team
  • Contact and Location Information
  • Connection to your Discord account
  • Your Play! Pokémon ID
  • Your in-game Unite Trainer ID and Trainer name
  • Your in-game Support ID (found on the Start screen)

For every Online event Entry is free. It is an exciting time in competitive Unite, and we hope to see you join the scene!