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The Next Pokemon TCG Set Will Feature Shiny Pokemon

A new Pokémon TCG set is coming in early 2024, confirmed.

PokéBeach has announced a new set to be released in January 2024, largely focused on Shiny Pokémon. Here’s what we know so far about this intriguing new set.

New Pokémon TCG Set Coming in January 2024

Per usual, the set is going to include cards from a set that will release earlier in Japan. This time, the new set will feature Shiny Pokémon from the Japanese Shiny Treasure set that’s coming to Japan in December of this year.

This set will be the second “special set” in recent months. A special set is a more collectible-focused set that is only available in boxed product form (meaning no individual booster packs) and is released around the holidays. The most recent was Scarlet & Violet - 151, which was in September.

The Shiny-focused set has not been officially announced by the Pokémon Company just yet, but the report has stated that there will be an Elite Trainer Box and a Sticker Collection Blister that includes three booster packs, a promo card, and stickers. This wouldn’t be too surprising since these products come with most set releases.

With the new set coming so early in 2024, it’s likely we will see another special set later in 2024 as well.

What Do We Know About the Shiny Pokémon TCG Set

Right now, we don’t know the name of the new set. However, if we follow some patterns throughout the history of the ‘mon TCG, we can make a few predictions.

In the past, special sets like Hidden Fates in 2019 and Shining Fates in 2021 had a strong focus on Shiny versions of fan-favorite ‘mon. For this reason, we can infer that there will definitely be some exciting Shiny Pokémon in store come January, like the Tera-type Charizard ex.

You can expect the cards in this set to be very valuable.