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The Most Expensive Cards in Pokemon TCG Paradox Rift

Pokémon’s newest set, Paradox Rift, is officially here and it’s bringing a bunch of new cards and interesting dynamics to the TCG. Here are the most expensive cards in the set.
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Paradox Pokémon have joined the TCG with Ancient and Future cards. Ancient ‘mon have high HP and have strong attacks at a high cost. Future Paradox Pokémon are more about speed and technique, able to retreat for a low cost. You’ll also find trainer cards that further change the dynamic of the gameplay and support your new playstyle.

Roaring Moon ex - Special Illustration Rare - $80

Roaring Moon ex in Paradox Rift

This interesting card has an attack that instantly knocks out the opponent’s active Pokémon but must take 200 damage in return. It’s definitely a risky playstyle. This card also has glorious art of this rare ‘mon.

Gholdengo ex - Special Illustration Rare - $65

Gholdengo ex in Paradox Rift

With the ability to draw cards and an attack that does 50 damage for each card you discard, Gholdengo ex has a lot of promise. With the right deck, Gholdengo ex has great draw power and could be quite consistent. This version of the card also has a really bold art style that’s quite unique for the card game.

Mela - Special Illustration Rare - $60

Mela in Paradox Rift

This supporter can only be used if you had a ‘mon KOd on your opponent’s last turn. It allows you to attach a basic energy from your discard onto one of your Pokémon and draw cards until you have six total. Mela is a good comeback card in certain situations.

Iron Valiant ex - Special Illustration Rare - $54

Iron Valiant ex in Paradox Rift

Featuring a very bold and neon aesthetic, Iron Valiant ex is most definitely a card meant for collectors. Iron Valiant ex is also a Future card that has the ability to put two damage counters on one of your opponent’s ‘mon when it moves to the active spot.

Iron Hands ex - Special Illustration Rare - $40

Iron Hands ex in Paradox Rift

I’m surprised this card isn’t worth more. It’s most likely because the artwork isn’t the most dynamic or pretty compared to others on the list. But Iron Hands ex is most definitely going to shake up the meta with its powerful Amp You Very Much attack.

Professor Sada’s Vitality - Special Illustration Rare - $34

Professor Sada's Vitality in Paradox Rift

This support card lets you choose two Ancient ‘mon you can attach basic energy cards onto from your discard pile. You may then draw three cards. This is not too bad at all but the price is also due to Professor Sada’s popularity among VCG fans and fanboys alike.

Rika - Special Illustration Rare - $33

Rika trainer card in Paradox Rift

This card features art that has a great anime-inspired aesthetic. You’ll see a neighborhood-like background and Rika’s hair flowing in the wind. With this support card, you can look at the top four cards of your deck and put them into your hand, which isn’t that great.

Garchomp ex - Special Illustration Rare - $31

Garchomp ex in Paradox Rift

This is honestly one of the coolest looking cards in the set. It features Garchomp standing in what looks to be a very wild wave in an art style that makes me think of stained glass. It’s just gorgeous. It’s no wonder the card is on the list. Its first attack is also great for helping you set up early, putting energy onto your benched ‘mon.