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Most Expensive Cards in Pokémon TCG Obsidian Flames Set

Alternate arts, special illustrations, Charizard. Which are the most expensive cards in the latest Pokemon TCG set Obsidian Flames

The Pokémon TCG meta continues to change and grow thanks to the most recent set, Obsidian Flames. Whether you’re a competitive player or a collector, here are the most expensive and desired cards from Obsidian Flames.

Charizard ex - 223/197 - SV03: Obsidian Flames (Special Illustration Rare) - $80

Charizard EX Special Illustration Rare Obsidian Flames

It’s not a surprise to see Charizard here in the top spot. Charizard is one of the most sought-after Pokémon for collectors thanks to his OG status and classic dragon design. This card is one of the most beautiful Charizard cards out there thanks to its vibrant and artistic aesthetic and Charizard’s imposing stance.

But it’s also a good card if you want to play a fire deck. Having energy acceleration is definitely a great way to aggressively dominate opponents with the right strategy. His tankiness is another great feature.

Charizard ex - 228/197 - SV03: Obsidian Flames (Hyper Rare) - $35

Charizard EX 228/197 Obsidian Flames

Surprise, it’s the second-rarest version of the same Charizard ex card. This one is still very eye-catching with its bright yellow background and Charizard’s menacing face.

Charizard ex - 215/197 - SV03: Obsidian Flames (Ultra Rare) - $35

Charizard EX Obsidian Flames SV03

Aaaand it’s Charizard ex again! This one has a silver look that’s not as vibrant but the sparkly card is definitely still a worthy addition to any Charizard collection.

Charizard ex - SV03: Obsidian Flames (Double Rare) - $29

Charizard EX Infernal Reigh Obsidian Flames

While this card doesn’t feature a full illustration, I think it’s still quite desirable myself. The style of the card is reminiscent of when EX were the dominant card type back in 2019. 

And the crystalized, sparkling Charizard bursting through the opening of the card is still really quite the image.

Pidgeot ex - 225/197 - SV03: Obsidian Flames (Special Illustration Rare) - $14

Pidgeot EX Obsidian Flame

This card has been part of a lot of controversy in the competitive Pokémon TCG community and many are saying it’s OP. Pidgeot ex’s ability allows you to search your deck for one card and put it into your hand. 

Basically, you can get the exact card you need every turn, which is quite the game-changer. And this version of the card has some great artwork, with Pidgeot soaring over a stylized city.

Geeta - 226/197 - SV03: Obsidian Flames (Special Illustration Rare) - $10

Geeta trainer Obsidian Flame

This support card features some pretty badass artwork, from the hair to the book to the black outfit. This support card allows you to search your deck for up to two basic energy cards and attach them to one of your ‘mon. 

Basically, this is a great card to play at the start of the game to accelerate your deck.

Pidgeot ex - 217/197 - SV03: Obsidian Flames (Ultra Rare) - $10

Pidgeot EX promo Obsidian Flames

Pidgeot ex is back, this time with a simple, classic full art design. Pidgeot looks quite dramatic and the vibrant background makes this definitely an eye-catching version for play.

Pidgeot ex - SV03: Obsidian Flames (Double Rare) - $9

Pidgeot EX Alternate Art Obsidian Flames

My bird is back, this time in the classic ex variety. This one isn’t the most dynamic but it’s still a useful card and this version saves you a bit of cash.

Ninetales- 199/197 - SV03: Obsidian Flames (Special Illustration Rare) - $8

Ninetales Obsidian Flames

This majestic card features one of the most popular Pokémon in the game, the beautiful Ninetales. In this version of the card, Ninetales stands in a forest with light cascading down on her. It’s a collector’s dream.