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Pokemon TCG Collector Finds Rare Expansions in Unexpected Place

Pokémon TCG collectors are always looking for the rarest and most stunning cards. Others are just looking for waifus, honestly. Recently, a collector came across some discontinued sets in an unexpected place.

While on a cruise, a Pokémon fan found discontinued ‘mon sets being touted as prizes in its arcade. They wrote: “On vacation, I saw this [Shining Legends] box and a bunch of XY Evolutions packs. I spent an hour winning tickets so I could squeeze this box into my suitcase.”

It may sound tedious to waste time and money getting arcade tickets, but this is definitely one of those times where the prize was worth more than the tickets cost to win. Right now, the XY Evolutions booster packs pictured in his image are worth $22. Meanwhile, the Shining Legends collection is valued at $350 or more. The TCG collector had only spent $150 playing in the arcade.

Shining Legends premium powers collection

The Pokémon players and fans in the Reddit thread said they were shocked. One trainer said that they’d be playing in the arcade until 3 AM if they were on that cruise. Another said they’d spend the entire cruise doing the same.

When asked if they planned to open the boosters in the collection box, the lucky cruiser said they were going to keep it sealed since the actual cards within aren’t worth a lot. A lot of trainers expressed a similar sentiment in the comments, confirming the choice.

What Are the Most Expensive Pokémon Card Booster Boxes?

Looking for some valuable booster boxes for your own collection? Here are the top three most expensive booster boxes.

The Unified Minds booster box is currently valued at $480. This set has a lot of collectible cards so it’s no surprise it’s up there. This includes Misty’s Favor, Mewtwo & Mew GX, Dragonite GX, and more.

The Dragons Exalted booster box is worth $2,700 or more. This set has Ho-Oh EX, Giratina EX, Mew EX, Rayquaza EX, and holo Rayquaza which is worth around $400.

The Supreme Victors booster box is valued at $6,450. This was the third main expansion in the Pokémon TCG, featuring a lot of iconic cards. It came out in 2009. The Beat of the Frontier set is only released in Japanese, in both 1st and unlimited edition. The Supreme Victors set is released in English, German, and French, with cards also available as Reverse Holos.