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Pokemon x Tiffany Introduces $30K Pikachu Pendant

Pokémon fans, get ready to splurge — and it’s not on cards.

The Pokémon Company has teamed up with Tiffany & Co. to release a series of high-end ‘mon-themed jewelry. And it’s not cheap.

There are nine pieces in the collection. The “cheapest” are sterling silver pendants with diamond accents that can be a variety of Pokémon — Charmander, Squirtle, Mew, Jigglypuff, Cubone — that sell for $1,290 each. These come in a blue box with Tiffany x Arsham Studio x Pokémon branding on it.

The piece of resistance, however, is a Pikachu pendant. It’s made of 18-karat yellow gold with diamond accents. The small version is $9,900 while the larger one is $29,000. These Pikachu pendants come in a Tiffany Blue Pokeball.

When Is the Tiffany x Pokémon Jewelry Collection Releasing?

You will be able to get pieces of jewelry from this exclusive series on November 29. It will be in two physical stores — Tiffany & Co Landmark in New York and the Omotesando store in Tokyo — as well as on Tiffany’s website.

To make it even more desirable to collectors, you can only get these pieces until November 30, meaning it’s a 24-hour sale. It’s unclear how many are available of each piece but expect it to sell out fast.

$30K pikachu necklace

Arsham called the collaboration a blend of pop culture, fine jewelry, and art. He said that the project has “recontextualized Pokémon to orchestrate a new narrative.”

He added: “Pokémon has had an immense presence ever since I was a child, and this capsule collection celebrates the influence Pokémon has had in my work and my long-standing partnership with a heritage brand like Tiffany & Co. Both are inextricable from the cultural footprint of the past, present and future.”

A lot of ‘mon fans were not pleased with the collaboration, commenting that it’s only for the “privileged” and that only people with “more money than sense” would bother with it. This wouldn’t be the first high-end ‘mon collaboration, however. There’s even been a collaboration with a commercial airline so nobody should be too shocked.