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Pokémon GO Timeless Travels Balance Update — Talonflame Rises From the Ashes

Pokémon GO’s latest season, Timeless Travels, has brought a ton of balance changes along with it. Competitive GO players, definitely listen up.

Every season of Pokémon GO lasts three months, with new encounters, bonuses, and rebalances coming every time. Here are the most recent changes impacting the GO Battle League and Championship Series circuit.

Pokémon with Added Power

In an official blog post, developers first opened up about attacks that have gone up in power. The first is the Water-type charged attack Scald, which now deals more damage and has a 50% higher probability of reducing the opposing Pokémon’s attack by one stage.

This has especially been beneficial for Whiscash, “so much that it now rivals Swampert as the best dual Water and Ground-type Pokémo in the Great League.” Other Pokémon that benefit from this update include Poliwrath, who can now learn Ice-type charged attack Icy Wind.

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Two fighting-type Pokémon also have a widened charged attack pool. Vigoroth has received Rock Slide, making it more viable against Flying-type Pokémon. Vigoroth and Toxicroak are also looking stronger in the GO Battle League.

Skarmory is looking to regain its title as the strongest Pokémon in GO Battle League like earlier seasons thanks to its primary fast attack changing to Steel Wing. Azumarill’s primary fast attack, Bubble, now deals more damage.

The Pokémon to see the biggest upgrade, however, is Talonflame. Incinerate now deals as much damage per second as fast attacks like Counter and Dragon Breath. The attack also has higher energy gain than either, making it the best fast attack in the game. Talonflame gained access to Flying-type charged attack Fly, which is much better than Brave Bird. If you plan to use Talonflame, just remember that Incinerate has a longer duration than any other fast attack.

Pokémon with Reduced Power

The balance update also nerfed some Pokémon. This includes Steelix, whose Breaking Swipe attack now has a 50% chance of reducing the opposing Pokémon’s attack — it used to be a guarantee. Rayquaza, Rhyperior, and Haxorus will also be impacted negatively by this attack’s update.

Medicham’s Psychic-type charged attack Psychic now deals “significantly less damage” that developers have called it “ill-advised” to choose it over other charged attacks. Medicham is now less flexible.

Developers are hoping that these Pokémon will no longer dominate in battle.

Some other Pokémon have been indirectly impacted by the changes to the above ‘mon. For example, Talonflame and Skarmory getting a boost means that Electric-type Pokémon like Lanturn will become more viable. Trainers may also consider more Dragon-type Pokémon like Guzzlord and Dragonair. You may also see more Toxapex to take down Azumarill and Talonflame.

On the other hand, Serperior will likely see less play since Flying-type Pokémon are rising up. Trainers may try Grass-type Pokémon instead. Alolan Sandslash has more enemies as well too. Only time will tell what the new meta will fully be.