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A teaser video came out yesterday that showed Pikachu and Eevee running through a stylized field of sunflowers inspired by one of Van Gogh’s most iconic works. The two Pokémon icons look up and see that the sky has been transformed into the style of Van Gogh’s artwork. Then, we are given a sneak peak at what type of art will most likely be at the exhibit, a quick glimpse of Gogh’s “Sunflowers” painting but with Sunflora front and center.

The Van Gogh Museum collaboration is going to launch in Amsterdam on September 28, 2023. Not much is known about the collaboration aside from that there will most likely be Pokémon featured in Van Gogh-inspired art. Now, it’s been rumored that there will also be promo cards at the installation.

Pokémon x Van Gogh Museum Promo Cards

While Pokémon has not officially confirmed the existence of promo cards, it’s highly likely that promo cards will be coming when the collaboration begins. In the past, promo cards have been released along with other art collaborations, including when Pokémon appeared at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in 2019.

Pokémon insiders have also stated on social media that one or more cards will be revealed along with the Van Gogh installation. If this is the case, the Pokémon TCG community should be prepared to get their hands on these cards.

When the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum had Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” on display, five promo cards were also released. The artwork was applauded by collectors, which featured Pikachu, Mimikyu, Eevee, Psyduck, and Rowlet holding their heads and screaming in fear with a colorful yet creepy boardwalk behind them, much like Munch’s original painting.

These cards have become extremely expensive due to their rarity and stunning artwork. The latest copy of the Pikachu card to sell went for $891 (plus shipping). It was sold in August of 2023. Previously, all five cards — graded as PSA10’s — were listed for over $18,700 and were sold for “best offer,” which means they went for around that price. The Eevee and Rowlet can be found for $200 or so if you want a “good deal” right now.

Van Goh pokemon promo cards

For this reason, the Pokémon community is pumped for the very likely possibility of promo cards at the Van Gogh Museum. Cards inspired by “Sunflowers,” “The Starry Night,” “Cafe Terrace at Night,” and other popular paintings would be some of the most beautiful promos in existence, making them highly desirable by collectors.

Keep an eye out for these promo cards, which will likely go for an incredible amount of money based on past promos.