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The Fortnite Battle Bus has arrived in Fortnite.

The Battle Bus is an iconic Fortnite staple — it’s the vehicle that carries people above the map before they jump to a POI. It’s been featured in a variety of pop culture media ever since. Now, it’s being driven into Rocket League.

The Battle Bus is available for free in Rocket League right now. Here’s how to get it.

How to Get the Rocket League Titanium Battle Bus For Free

It’s luckily very easy to acquire the Titanium Battle Bus in Rocket League.

The first step is to head to the Epic Games Store. This can be done on a browser or the Epic Games Store app itself. If you’re opening the store on your desktop, log into your Epic Games account.

Once you’re logged in and in the Epic Games Store, search for the Rocket League Titanium Battle Bus.

You can also go to the Rocket League store in-game. When you click on additional content you’ll be brought to a page with additional content. This includes a link to the Battle Bus.

Equip the Titanium Battle Bus in Rocket League

After you have acquired the bus, you will need to equip it in-game. Here’s how:

  • Head to the Car Customization menu
  • Search in the Battle Bus modification category
  • Choose the Titanium White Battle Bus
  • Modify it how you want

Is the Titanium Battle Bus Good?

The Battle Bus is an untradable limited body that uses the Merc hitbox. This is the tallest hitbox in Rocket League, meaning it’s big and bulky. The Titanium Battle Bus is a bit clunky when it comes to its mobility but it can make up for its lack of maneuverability by allowing you to steal the ball from your opponent since it has a very large bonnet.

You probably won’t be seeing the Titanium Battle Bus in any competitive tournaments any time soon. But that is probably not the main reason people are wanting to get their hands on the iconic vehicle.

When Does the Battle Bus Leave?

Unfortunately, the Titanium Battle Bus is only available for a limited period of time if you want it for free. It’s unknown when the Titanium Battle Bus will stop being free, how much it will cost, or when it will leave the store.

For one, Epic Games has urged fans to get it now while it’s available for free!