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Ever since Rocket League first released, there has been an over growing catalogue of items being added to the game. The items allow you to customise everything about your car. From the body to the boost, there are an endless amount of colour and design combinations that can be made. Not all presets are made the same and some are left with the question of how they even came to be. The following are the worst designs used in the previous season of NACE Varsity Premier.

5. The Amber Box – Gon, ODU Monarchs

Using the Fennec this car started off in the right direction. It all very shortly went downhill the instant bright orange and red were added to every inch of the car. The Titanium White Mainframe with black Hanasha JRL wheels is a combination that will not be seen again. Aside from how heavy this car feels, any awkward aerial will surely be blinding by the obnoxious boost coming into your face.

This orange themed car was used by Gon of the Old Dominion Monarchs in their match against Toronto Metro University. After a very close series, TMU managed to take down the Monarchs by one goal in game seven.

4. The Clunky Red Giant – Krazy Kai, Siena Heights

This preset looks like it belongs among the roster in the Twisted Metal series. This car features the bright crimson Road Hog, along with a set of crimson Sunbursts, and a black Standard boost. All together these items create the demo demon of the pitch. The big bulky Roadhog body in all red is enough to give any player nightmares of the demos that will no doubt happen when facing this car.

Krazy Kai of Siena Heights is the proud driver of this monster. His presence on the field was not enough to take down Rochester as they fell in game 5 of the best of 7 series. This loss marked the end of their playoff run, bowing out in round 1.

3. The Plum Lightning – 8Con, RIT

It is difficult to understand what the design was aiming to achieve. The sky blue Octane, dark purple and blue 20XX, bright purple wheels, and titanium white Helios are all topped off with the multichrome pixelated shades. Apart from how bright white Helios boost is, everyone else on the pitch has to hear the obnoxious sound it creates every time it is used in game. This car is perfect for those who love purple and blue, and don't care whether any of it matches or not.

8Con and his team of RIT(Rochester Institute of Technology) decided this was the car to showcase against their opponents at Ohio Christian University. This chose to be the right choice as they went on to sweep their opponents in the best of 7 series.

2. The Wild Blue GXT – Appig, ODU Monarchs

Built around the titanium white Maverick GXT car body and its horrible hotbox. This blue-mobile has no items that look good together and not a single blue matches, forming a mess of colour. Containing the sky blue 3-Lobe Infinite wheels, along with white Ion boost is truly unique. Now add on the light bars of the GXT model and you have a design you'd rather not use.

This preset had its time to shine in the Fall Week 7 matchup between the Old Dominion Monarchs and Rochester University. Although Appig of ODU used this car for the entire series, it could not stop the roll that Rochester was on. The series ended in a swift 3-0 sweep in favour of Rochester.

1. The Atlantis Buggy – The Engineer of Cincinnati

Among the many Fennec designs there are many beautiful blue presets that can be used. There are then cars that look like this one that look like the user just used the randomise preset button and went with the first thing that came up. The whites of the HRT Beat boost and the Fennec do not match. Neither do the blues of the Bubbly and the Gadabout Inverted wheels. Any player that suffers from the slightest bit of heavy placebo will struggle to use this brick of a car.

The match that contained the worst car design in NACE took place between Cincinnati and Kansas State during week 2 of competition. The bad car buff paid off as The Engineer led his Cincinnati team to a quick 3-0 sweep.

This article was created as part of an internship collaboration with NACE

Written by Matthew Hartford