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What We Know About Ed So Far in Street Fighter 6

The teaser trailer for Ed’s Street Fighter 6 arrival is here and the FGC are liking his playstyle and new look.

Capcom has officially revealed more information on the next DLC character, Ed. The trailer has given us a closer look at Ed’s updates from Street Fighter 5.

From the brief clip, it looks like Ed’s playstyle will be inspired by boxing, with him dodging, weaving, blocking, and throwing punches. He also has a Psycho Power ability that traps enemies in a net and allows him to pull them forward.

Secondly, players noticed a new slimmed-down appearance. In Street Fighter 5, Ed was super jacked but he seems a bit leaner this time around — and fans like it. It matches his fighting style a bit more and sets him apart from the other ripped fighters. Ed also has been aged this time around, likely part of the storyline.

Ed Playstyle in Street Fighter 6

We don’t fully know Ed’s move list or playstyle but the trailer gave some insight into how he will work. And it honestly seems quite similar to how he played in Street Fighter 5.

Ed cinematic

Ed first appeared in Street Fighter 5, known as the Bandaged Fighter. He used a boxing style infused with something called Psycho Power. This was referred to, of course, as Psycho Boxing. Ed used a lot of moves that are not legal in boxing so some have noted that it’s maybe based on MMA-style kickboxing in some ways.

Ed was played in a unique way in SF5 and it may return this time, seeing as he still had Psycho Power abilities in the trailer. Instead of traditional inputs, players had to press multiple buttons together or press them repeatedly to unlock special attacks. This included Psycho Snatcher, which let him pull opponents toward himself, and Psycho Barrage, unleashing a flurry of punches.

Ed prepares for combat in new trailer

Some players are hoping that Ed won’t play this way in Street Fighter 6. One even said they wanted “normal” controls this time around. Others are worried about his “anti-projectile moves,” which will be tough on characters like Ryu.

World Tour Mode Update

Ed fighting goons in World Tour Mode

The trailer seemed to be focused on an updated World Tour Mode taking place on a subway train within metro City. The avatar is walking through the train when a sudden shake stops him in his path. You hear footsteps and Ed appears, blocking the avatar from a group of Mad Gear box heads.

When Does Ed Come to Street Fighter 6?

Ed will be coming to Street Fighter 6 in February 2024. This date was given to us for the first time in the teaser trailer, meaning Ed is right around the corner.

Fans are excited to finally have Ed in Street Fighter 6 and most are impressed with his fighting style and design. Now we must await a full trailer to see his moveset with a bit more detail.

Once he is released, you can get him in the Year 1 Character Pass, which is 350 Fighter Coins ($7 IRL).