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Where Can You Find Ed In World Tour? - Street Fighter 6

Here's how you find Ed and unlock costume 2 for the Psycho Powered Pugilist.

The newest entry into Street Fighter 6, Ed, is now live and ready to punch his way to the top. Ed is the second to last fighter to be added in the season after Rashid and A.K.I. with only Akuma remaining. But if you didn't buy the Ultimate version of the game, then you only get Ed's base costume. So here's how to find him in World Tour mode and max out his bond points. Doing this will net you his costume 2 for free. 

Where Is Ed In World Tour?

To unlock Ed in World Tour Mode  you want to head to the Urban Park in Metro City at night. Right next to the subway station there will be an NPC named C. Raven. Talking to him will trigger the quest to begin. After flagging the quest, head straight down into the subway and battle the three box-headed enemies and then enter the train. A cutscene will play revealing Ed to your avatar. Once that's over talk to Ed one more time and you'll be enrolled as his student.

After that series of cutscenes, Ed will appear at the Beat Square subway station, but only at night. It's here where you'll be able to return and learn moves for your avatar, learn more about Ed's story and give him gifts to increase his bond points.

You can find Ed in the subway near Beat Square.

You can find Ed in the subway near Beat Square.

What Is The Best Gift For Ed In World Tour?

For the base roster of Street Fighter 6, you'd normally run around the World Map talking to merchants and buying "gift items" to give to the fighters. The more you increase bond with them the more moves you learn from their fighting style. If you max out their bond, you unlock their Costume 2 for free. For Ed, however, this works a bit differently. While there is a magazine you can buy from the shopkeeper in Beat Square for Ed, it only gives 2 bond points. In order to get the best item for Ed you'll have to complete a quest. 

To start this mission, you'll have to visit Nayshall at night and go to the South Lowlands and you'll see a new quest marker not far to the south of the fast travel point. Talk to the quest giver and he'll ask you to go to the far north of the Nayshall map to investigate some martial artists up there. You'll have to fight the three marked NPCs and then talk to them after you defeat them. They will give you a clothing item upon your victory called "fundoshi". Put it on and then talk to them once more.

If you did everything right, a cutscene featuring a psycho-powered fighter should play. This fight is tough, and if your avatar isn't near level 65-70, you're going to have a tough time completing it. The fighter also uses a blend of psycho power and Guile's style so be prepared. 

If you do down him, complete the quest and you'll receive a boxing magazine item. This is the best gift for Ed. Give it to him and you'll receive a whopping 40 bond points, which is nearly half of what you need to max him out. Fill the rest in with magazines and leftover gifts and you'll have Ed's new threads in no time.