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The NBA 2K League Playoffs is underway, bringing 14 top teams together to ball for a $600K prize pool.

NBA 2K has continued to grow as an esport, with a peak viewership record of 68.8K fans during the Coinbase NBA 2KL 3v3 Slam Open earlier this year. Now, the NBA 2K League Playoffs are underway and it’s not too late to catch some of the most intense matches on the court.

NBA 2K League Playoffs Schedule

The tournament is running from May 10 to May 13. Throughout this time, you can catch the top teams competing in a double elimination bracket leading up to the Finals.

The matches begin at 6 PM EST, live streamed from District E in downtown Washington, DC. You can watch the realistic basketball action on Twitch and YouTube.

Who to Watch During the NBA 2K League Playoffs

The 14 teams have qualified for the NBA 2K League Playoffs based on their performances earlier this year. Ten of the teams were qualified based on the outcome of the Coinbase NBA 2KL 3v3 Slam Open and Switch Open. The other four spots were given to the champion and runner-up of the last-chance Coinbase NBA 2KL 3v3 Steal Open tournament and the top two performing Community Teams.

According to a press release from NBA 2K League, there are some standout teams you’re gonna want to cheer for from the stands. This includes Pistons GT, a team that claimed the first-ever championship last season, completely dominating in the Final against Wizards District Gaming. The squad is lead by Anthony 'ANT' Coastanzo.

Pistons GT have already proven why they are a fan-favorite. Last night, they took down Jazz Gaming 3-0.

Then there’s T-Wolves Gaming, who have been consistently slaughtering throughout the season. Heading into the Playoffs, this trio is considered the top seed thanks to a victory at the 2022 The Tipoff. The pack will be taking on NetsGC tonight.

But don’t sleep on NBL Oz Gaming. This Australian team was once considered the underdogs but fans have high hopes for the No. 7 seed as the action continues. Already proving themselves, the Aussies are now hoping to take another win by beating DUX Infinitos.

If you want to check out some insightful predictions, head to the official NBA 2K website to see how the teams perform. The standings and bracket can be viewed here