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EA FC 24 is slowly building up the hype ahead of release as we start to learn more and more about the game. Today, EA Sports revealed the first five hero cards that will be in Ultimate Team at release. Here’s every card that has been announced so far, and how you can get one for free on day one.

What are Heroes?

Hero cards are similar to Icons, they are retired players who return to Ultimate Team with a special card. However, Heroes are players who didn’t quite achieve the same as an Icon, but were seen as legends at their club or country. This means that Hero cards have lower stats than Icon cards do, and they are also more restrictive when it comes to chemistry, needing to link with a league or country like a normal card does.

Heroes first arrived into FIFA Ultimate Team in FIFA 22, where we saw players such as Tim Cahil, Mario Gomez, Robbie Keane and Clint Dempsey awarded Hero items.

EA FC 24 Heroes

The first five heroes to be announced in EA FC 24 are as follows:

  • Alex Scott (88 Rated)
  • Carlos Tevez (90 Rated)
  • Bixente Lizarazu (90 Rated)
  • Wesley Sneijder (91 Rated)
  • Gianluca Vialli (91 Rated)

How to Get Hero Cards in EAFC Ultimate Team

Heroes are available in Packs and through SBC Challenges, but you can get a Hero card for free if you pre-order EA FC 24 before August 22nd. If you pre-order before this date, you will receive a Hero card on launch to go straight into your Ultimate Team.

There is still a lot more information to come about EA FC 24, and we expect to learn more in the coming weeks. With info on career mode, a deeper dive into Ultimate Team and much more to come. There are also rumours of the EA FC 24 closed beta releasing as soon as next week, which should give us some more info on the upcoming game.