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Esports and traditional sports are colliding thanks to a dynamic partnership between Esports Illustrated and HOF Gaming.

Madden fans can dive into high-level competition alongside NFL veteran DeSean Jackson as part of HOF Gaming's new weekly tournament series Da Gulag.

The Da Gulag Madden Tournament Schedule and Prizes

Retired veteran SL1M GHOST has become a prominent streamer in the Madden scene that hosts competitive tournaments. Da Gulag will be hosted on his Twitch channel

The top Madden NFL players will be coming together to play competitive Madden Ultimate Team H2H for cash prizes and clout every Wednesday and Friday in Gulag Qualifiers. The tournament series kicks off on August 16, at 8 PM EST.

Every Gulag Qualifier will have $600 in prizes. But the top 24 players will also receive an invitation to the monthly $1K tournament, determined by the amount of Gulag points they earn in the weekly Qualifiers.

Here’s the prize breakdown:

1st: $400 and 1,000 Gulag Points

2nd: $100 and 500 Gulag Points

3 + 4th: 300 Gulag Points

5-8th: 150 Gulag Points

9-16th: 50 Gulag Points

Want to compete in Da Gulag Madden Tournament? Fill out the participant form here.

How to Watch Da Gulag Madden Tournament

Starting tonight, you can watch Da Gulag Qualifiers on SL1M GHOST’s channel as well as over on Esports Illustrated’s Twitch channel. ESI will be hosting a watch party tonight with Packers linebacker Preston Smith.