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NBA 2K24 Players Flame "Ridiculous" Premium Season Pass

2K announced a Premium Season pass for NBA 2K24, and community members voiced their frustrations over the decision.
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Much of what's coming with NBA 2K24 is still shrouded in mystery. NBA 2K gameplay director Mike Wang revealed hinted that the Limitless Takeoff badge is not returning for the next series entry. And in an interview with ESPN, 2K finally confirmed that cross-play is coming to the series.

And we know that Kobe Bryant will be the game's cover athlete in celebration of the franchise's 25th anniversary. But besides that, there are still plenty of unanswered questions for community members.

2K cleared up some confusion by revealing its plan for a season pass system in NBA 2K24 and players aren't happy about the announcement.

NBA 2K24 announces season pass system

NBA 2K24 offers two premium season pass options. Players can purchase the Pro Pass, which unlocks an additional 40 premium rewards on the reward track and four automatic rewards.

Meanwhile, the Hall of Fame Pass gives everything in the Pro Pass, along with one additional award, 10 level skips, and a 15% booster for the season.

Despite the rewards appealing compelling on paper, community members did not take the news well.

One player responded: "Paid Battle Pass in a 70-dollar game? Please no one buy this please."

Battle royale titles started the craze of battle pass systems. Instead of charging players full price for a game, Fortnite and Warzone generated revenue by charging players for a Battle Pass. The system awards players cosmetic items by how much they play the game.

Several other video games have adopted the trend as well, but 2K players aren't as receptive to the idea.

A second user added: "Why are we buying the game and then have to but a battle pass? Is this a battle royale game?"

2K players admitted, as one put it: "This is a great business strategy but I won't be paying for seasons."

It remains to be seen how exactly the feature will work, but community members don't seem to be receptive to the idea at first glance.