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NBA 2K24 Best Scoring Badges: Limitless Range, Agent 3, more

First and foremost, players care about scoring in NBA 2K24. And to help make that task easier, we have compiled a list of the best-scoring badges for your MyPlayer.
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With each new 2K title, the game's meta changes. Everything starts with badges, which unlock special abilities and bonuses that help individualize players. NBA 2K24 adds 24 new badges and changes how the long-standing system works with a new progression system.

Players now earn higher badge levels based on their play style. Badges with high usage reach higher levels, while badges that don't get used as often will drop. However, no badge will ever drop below a Bronze level.

2K's latest innovation creates an interesting push-and-pull mechanic as players can either upgrade their favorite few badges or expand their arsenal to excel in multiple areas on the court. With that in mind, let's take a look at the best scoring badges in NBA 2K24.

Best NBA 2K24 scoring badges

Without any further ado, here are our rankings for the best-scoring badges in NBA 2K24.

  1. Agent 3
  2. Limitless Range
  3. Space Creator
  4. Green Machine
  5. Whistle (Next Gen)
  6. Blinders
  7. Catch and Shoot
  8. Float Game (Next Gen)
  9. Claymore
  10. Spot Finder (Next Gen)
  11. Deadeye
  12. Hook Specialist (Next Gen)
  13. Middy Magician
  14. Post-Fade Phenom (Next Gen)
  15. Corner Specialist
  16. Slippery Off-Ball
  17. Comeback Kid
  18. Guard Up
  19. Open Looks (Next Gen)
  20. Free Points (Next Gen)

Before breaking down this year's crop of scoring badges, it's important to acknowledge the three that got removed: Clutch Shooter, Amped, and Volume Shooter. All three badges played an important role, but the seven new additions more than makeup for their loss.

Let's start with Whistle, which improves the ability to create contact at the rim or while shooting a jump shot to get more free throws. Think of this as the Trae Young or Jimmy Butler special, who both excel at getting to the line in real life. We expect this new badge to be a must-use option.

As with the case from last year, Agent 3 and Limitless Range stand above the rest of the pack as easy selections. Agent 3 improves, and Limitless Range transforms players into Stephen Curry, enabling players to hit three-pointers from all over the court.

Along a similar thought process, Space Creator makes it easier for players to hit shots after creating space from a defender, while Green Machine gives an additional boost when achieving excellent releases on jump shots. These two badges require a higher skill level to master but are lethal in the right hands.

Players can use any badge in the right situation, but that's exactly what holds a few skills back from making a meaningful impact. For example, Free Points makes it easier to make free throws in clutch moments. And while that has its role, players are much better off focusing their attention elsewhere.

The same can be said for Guard Up, which increases the ability to make jump shots when defenders fail to contest properly. Sure, you will find plenty of opportunities where those are conditions when online players are too lax in their defensive duties, but this skill is so specific.

If there is a new badge to watch, it would have to be Spot Finder. The new ability improves a player's ability to get open off the ball quickly and raises the chance of scoring off the catch. You may think it's rather limited, but one open look at higher levels could make the difference.

As NBA 2K24 players get more accustomed to the game, this list is subject to change. But for now, we believe focusing on the top-ranked scoring badges will give you an early leg up.