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What is the Bandai Card Games Fest 23-24 World Tour?

The Bandai Card Games Fest is a series of nine large card game events held around the world. All of them will be held for multiple days, allowing for tournaments, collecting, and other activities. There will also be vendors, cosplay, and more. There’s also a limited amount of free giveaways at each event.

One Piece card game Luffy

When Is the Bandai Card Games Fest?

Here are all of the dates for the upcoming events:

  • November 11: Hong Kong
  • November 26: Jakarta
  • December 2: Bangkok
  • December 16: Singapore
  • December 23: Shanghai
  • January 13: Kuala Lumpur
  • January 27: Los Angeles
  • February 3: Taipei

Then, the Tour Final will be held in Japan on March 2.

While it’s being touted as a World Tour, some fans have expressed frustration over the announced locations. Most of them are in Asia and one, Los Angeles, is in the United States. The lack of events in Europe have left a bad taste in some competitors’ mouths.

What Games Will Be at the Bandai Card Games Fest?

Bandai is hoping to “share the emotions the cards bring forth and connect people around the world” with World Tour.

Bandai Card Games Fest promos

To do so, they are bringing all of their card games together for every event, meaning fans from all over the world will hopefully come together to compete, collect, and hang out. The card games are:

  • Dragon Ball Super
  • One Piece
  • Union Arena
  • Digimon
  • Battle Spirits
  • Battle Spirits Saga

The largest card game in the mix is clearly One Piece. The fast-paced card game features all of the popular characters from the anime. It’s become one of the best-selling card games in the world, starting to catch up to Pokemon, Disney Lorcana, and Magic: The Gathering.

How to Attend the Bandai Card Games Fest

Head to the official Bandai Card Game Fest website to find more information about each event. Right now, the Hong Kong event is the only one with further information, including a schedule and exclusive items for sale.