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Disney Lorcana Store Locator — Where to Buy and Play

The Disney Lorcana store locator is coming. Get all the details on how to find matches in the new TCG

Disney Lorcana is set to be the next big trading card game thanks to fast-paced gameplay and stunning Disney-themed cards. The game officially launched last week but a lot of people in the TCG community are wondering where they can actually buy booster packs and play at local tournaments.

When Disney Lorcana launched, Ravensburger announced that the cards would be coming to a few Disney locations as well as local card shops. Unfortunately, it wasn’t specified which card and game shops would actually be getting early product to sell. It’s also been stated that Disney Lorcana will have local organized tournaments with League points, but stores that are hosting these events are also not listed quite yet.

This will change soon, however.

How to Find Stores with Disney Lorcana Cards and Tournaments

On the official Ravensburger site, sharp-eyed TCG players noticed that a store locator is coming soon.

Disney Lorcana store locator

On the home page, it states that Disney Lorcana will be sold in stores across the country. For now, however, there is no way to use Ravensburger’s official site to find stores that sell Lorcana cards or host events.

Luckily it’s easy to find Disney Lorcana booster packs and singles online if your local store doesn’t sell Disney Lorcana cards just yet.

Where to Buy Disney Lorcana Cards Online

If your local shop doesn’t have booster packs or you’d prefer to buy singles to build a deck, a lot of popular online card sellers are carrying Disney Lorcana cards.

Sometimes it can be nerve wracking to buy cards online, since you don’t know who is trustworthy and will ship you quality products on time. If you want to buy cards online, you can trust larger sites like TCGPlayer.

You can also buy Disney Lorcana cards on eBay from individual sellers. When you buy from eBay, always make sure to read the reviews for card sellers, looking for people with all positive reviews when it comes to post accuracy, cards being in the right state (mint, near mint), and offer fast shipping.

When is the Disney Lorcana Store Locator Coming?

Right now, Ravensburger has not given an official announcement on the release date for the store locator. All we know is that it’s “coming soon.” But it’s said that since July, to be fair.