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Disney Lorcana Beginner's Guide — Release Date, Where to Buy Cards, How to Use the App

Get all the info you need to get started playing Disney Lorcana including how to get cards and how to use the mobile app

Disney Lorcana, the Disney-themed trading card game, is fast approaching and Disney fans, collectors, and competitive card players alike are anxiously waiting to get their hands on a pack — or a dozen packs, if you’re anything like me. Here’s where you can expect to find Disney Lorcana cards.

What is Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter?

Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter is a competitive card game created by Ravensburger and owned by Disney.

Disney Lorcana is a trading card game (TCG) similar to Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic the Gathering, meaning you will create a deck with attacking characters, some type of energy to activate them, and supporting cards that either set your opponent back or make it easier to search your deck or activate your characters.

The story behind Disney Lorcana is that you are in the Great Illuminary within a magical realm called Lorcana. You are surrounded by story stars that each contain a fragment of Disney stories. You must use an inkcaster to combine with these fragments to cast an image of a Disney character, known as a glimmer. You must know search for missing lore to protect your realm against threats.

How to Play Disney Lorcana

In Disney Lorcana, there are some main types of cards. The first are character cards, which can be put into play to “quest.” Questing is how you gain lore and you need 20 lore total to win. Characters can also “challenge” other characters in an attempt to slow them down in their own search for lore. Characters will be banished when they are damaged beyond their willpower total.

Items can be used to help protect or strengthen your active characters. They may also make it easier for you to do certain actions on your turn or deter your opponent from doing the same. There are also action cards that change the state of the game in some way in an attempt to disrupt your opponent’s strategy.

When Can You Buy Disney Lorcana Packs?

Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter has had singles available online for quite some time but the official booster packs and starter decks first became officially available on August 18, 2023. They are now available to purchase!

Where to Find Disney Lorcana Cards

Earlier this week, Disney announced that fans would be able to find packs of Disney Lorcana cards at prominent Disney locations and local gaming stores.

The most recent announcement has confirmed that you can find Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter packs at local game stores in participating countries, Disneyland Paris, and Disney Store Times Square, located in New York.

While this seems rather limited, Ravensburger stated that more locations will become available soon.

You can also purchase Disney Lorcana booster packs online. You can find singles, booster packs, and starter decks on eBay and trusted card sites like TCGPlayer. A lot of these listings are from card and game shops that also have product available online.

How Much Do Disney Lorcana Packs Cost?

Due to the scarcity and desire surrounding the Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter, the price of the booster packs are a bit more right now than they will be after launch (hopefully).

A single booster pack will probably cost you around $13 to $17 right now. Compared to other card games, that’s pretty pricey. You can get a bit of a better deal if you buy sets and bundles. You can also buy displays with 24 booster packs — most likely meant for shop owners, but what the hell — for $220 to $280. You’ll see a bit of variation in price depending where you look.

You can also buy starter decks for Disney Lorcana if you are looking for a quick way to get started with a pre-made deck. The deck will not be competitively viable, but it’s definitely good for practice. The starter decks range in price from $25 to $25 on average depending on the set.

Singles are currently being sold at a very wide price range. Some common cards are just a few cents while first edition D23 promo arts of some cards are selling for thousands. This includes the Brave Little Tailor Mickey Mouse card, which is currently selling from $1,500 to $6,000 when graded.

How to Keep Track of Disney Lorcana Card Collection

The best way to keep track of your growing collection is with the Disney Lorcana app. Here’s a complete guide on how to download and use this app.

What Is the Disney Lorcana TCG CompanionApp For?

The Disney Lorcana TCG Companion is currently for managing your collection and staying up to date on the latest card drops and TCG news. It also has a built-in guide to help you learn how to play the Disney Lorcana card game.

Card Catalog

The mobile app will allow you to keep a visual card database so you can see your collection “come to life.” You can simply view your cards’ stunning illustrations or create a curated collection to show off to other Illumineers that are collecting cards.

For the more competitive TCG players out there, you can also create and “fine tune” decks with a deck building feature.

Lore Counter

Once you start practicing with your deck, you can keep your phone nearby to use the Disney Lorcana app’s lore counter. You can change some of the settings — including how many players and the light theme — so you and your opponent can keep track of lore during competitions.

How to Play Guide

Not sure what lore even is? Then you can take advantage of the Disney Lorcana app’s guide. This feature will guide you through the Lorcana TCG step by step, showing you how to summon glimmers of Disney characters, quest for lore, and challenge your opponents.

How to Download the Disney Lorcana App

The Disney Lorcana app is currently available in the iOS store and the Google Play store. It’s free to download. Just make sure you have space on your phone, find it in the store by searching “Disney Lorcana,” and then enter your password. You’ll be checking out the app in no time.

Meanwhile, it’s time to start finding physical Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter cards to add to your collection and start building a competitive deck.