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5 Most Expensive Cards in One Piece Card Game OP04, Kingdoms of Intrigue

The fourth expansion to the One Piece Card Game brings a ton of valuable cards into the scene.

The One Piece Card Game has now entered its fourth expansion set, Kingdoms of Intrigue which primarily features cards from the Dressrosa arc in the series but also features support for cards from other arcs like Wano and Whole Cake Island. Regardless, there are many shiny alternate art cards for players to collect and obviously, some are more sought after than others. Here is a breakdown of the top five most expensive cards in OP04 based on the lowest verified listings on

Sabo (Manga rare) - $280

Sabo Op04 One Piece Card Game

As is the case in every One Piece booster set, the most expensive card in OP04 is the Manga rare which in this booster set is Sabo. Ever since OP01, there has always been one alternate art card that is harder to pull than all of the rest and that's on purpose, these “Manga” cards depict a background showcasing scenes from the actual One Piece manga which brings automatic sentimental value to a card along with it being the most scarce in the expansion.

While the Sabo is a playable card in the metagame which brings bonus points to its value, the character himself isn't as likable as the faces of the last three manga cards (Shanks, Ace, and Sogeking). That being said, it's still the most expensive card in the set sitting at around $280 at the time of this article’s publishing.

Rebecca (Alternate Art Leader) - $90

Rebecca Op04 One Piece Card Game

The second most expensive card in OP04 is an alternate art leader and also happens to be the most playable one in the set, Rebecca.

Many players have taken a liking to the new style of alternate art leaders that made their debut in OP04 as they moved away from the “Fat Heads” in OP01 and OP02 and the greyed-out leaders in OP03. The leaders in OP04 feature colorful backgrounds with characters that the leader best associates with which has been a big hit with players and collectors.

At the publishing of this article, the Rebecca alternate art leader card is sitting at around $90

Boa Hancock (SP) - $73

Boa Op04 One Piece Card Game

OP03 marked the first set that Bandai-Namco experienced with alternate art reprints of past released cards when they printed the “Wanted poster” cards of four starter deck cards. In OP04 they continued the reprinting of cards but instead focused on popular cards for specific decks and stylized them in special “close-up” artwork. There are five of these close-up cards in OP04 and they have been dubbed “SP” rarity.

While Boa Hancock isn't the most played of all the new SP cards, she is an incredibly popular character and the card itself still sees fringe play in the metagame. This card’s price would actually be higher if it wasn't for her already having another alternate art of this card which was printed back when she made her debut in OP01

At the time of this publishing, the Boa Hancock SP is sitting at around $73

Donquioxite Doflamingo (Alternate Art Leader) - $62

Doffy Op04 One Piece Card Game

The second alternate art leader in this top five, Donquixote Doflamingo checks all the boxes that make a card worth money. Doffy is a fan-favorite character in the One Piece universe, the card is hard to pull, and it is meta-relevant.

This card could trend upwards as it's starting to find its footing in the metagame, but for now, collectors and players can pick it up for around $62.

Trafalgar Law (SP) - $60

Law Op04 One Piece Card Game

Just edging out the third most expensive alternate art leader, Vivi, Trafalgar Law takes the fifth and final spot of most expensive cards in OP04.

Like Boa, Law is one of the SP cards in OP04 which are high-rarity reprints of older cards. This Law card in particular is the linchpin of one of the most dominant decks in the metagame, which also happens to be a Law leader deck. And while other players may enjoy the OP01 alternate art better than this one, Law is among the most popular characters in all of One Piece which got this card to be a $60 pick-up at the time of this article's publishing.