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How to Play the One Piece Card Game Online

A quick guide on how to download and play the OPTCG sim on your phone or computer

The One Piece Card Game has been a massive hit ever since it came out in English just over a year ago. With demand for product and even tournaments outpacing supply, players may be looking to find a way to play the game for free and online.

Can you Play One Piece Card Game Online?

Although there is no official simulator outside of a tutorial app made by Bandai Namco, there is one way that many players use to get their One Piece Card Game fix online. Here is a quick guide on how players can play the One Piece Card Game online through the OPTCG Simulator.

What is OPTCGSim

The OPTCGSim is a fan-made downloadable client that allows players to play the One Piece Card Game online with other players worldwide

The creator, who goes by the name Maebatsu, built this resource to give players an alternative to other options of playing online like using a Webcam or playing through a make-shift online game using Tabletop Simulator. The OPTCGSim is updated regularly to include newly revealed cards and format restrictions. The Sim also includes an extensive deck builder so players can easily create new strategies to test.

How to Download the OPTCGSim

  • Go to Maebatsu’s linktree
  • Click the “OPTCGSim (Swanky’s Version, All English Images)
  • Click the right download link on the dropbox page
  • Extract the file once downloaded
  • Launch the OPTCGSim

As for how to download the simulator, players will want to head to the creator’s linktree page where they will have a link to the most up-to-date version of the OPTCGSim. The link players will want to look for is one that is called “OPTCGSim (Swanky’s Version, All English Images”. It is important to download this version as other versions of the simulator will not come with images pre-loaded making deckbuilding and playing a hassle. Players can customize their images if they would like but this link includes images of the actual cards to make deck building and playing as easy as possible.

OPTCG game modes

Clicking the link will redirect users to a Dropbox page where there will be various apk or zip files for download depending on the device you are using. From there simply extract the files and load up the simulator. At the time of this article's release, OPTCGsim is supported on Android and Apple mobile devices as well as Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

How to play games and deck build on the OPTCGSim

Screenshot from OPTCG sim

Once players have the simulator loaded on their device, they will be asked to create a username that other players will see when they are playing against each other. After that, they will be met with a menu that has various options. In the middle front and center is a Multiplayer option which will be used to enter lobbies to play against other players. Right below that are three options for Deck Editor, Solo v Self and Settings which are all pretty self-explanatory.

OPTCG sim deck display

Clicking multiplayer brings up a new menu with four options Western, Eastern, Unlimited and Private. Western is for players wanting to play with the cards currently released in the English version of the game while Eastern is for players wanting to play with cards released in the Japanese version of the game. The Japanese version of the game is usually three or so months ahead of the English version of the game making it a good option for players wanting to test new strategies before they come out in the West.

The other two options are Unlimited which is essentially the first two options but with no restrictions to cards that are currently on the ban list and finally, there is Private which doesn't follow any restrictions or deckbuilding rules but is primarily used to play with specific people instead of random people around the world.