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Right before the Tekken 7 top 6 at Evo 2023, developers officially announced that a new character is coming to the Tekken 8 roster. The new fighter is Azucena and she loves kicking butt and drinking coffee.

Azucena is a fighter from Peru that is fueled by coffee. A lot of the voice lines revealed in her trailer are about having the best coffee, including lines like, “How do you take your coffee?” Before kicking them onto their butts of course.

Azucena gameplay tekken 8

Azucena translates to “Lily” in Spanish and she appears to do Peruvian mixed martial arts, focused on a lot of strong kicks. Her blend of long-range kicks and stomping on top of fallen enemies had the crowd on their feet. The trailer also focused on her evasion capabilities, which sets her apart from a lot of other fighters on the roster. But it was her bubbly personality and coffee addiction that really sealed her as an exciting new character.

Azucena was leaked ahead of the Evo 2023 announcement, which luckily didn’t kill the hype. She showed up on Bandai Namco’s website well ahead of her trailer along with Raven, a popular character who was also confirmed to be returning to Tekken 8 at Evo 2023.