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How Does Ranked Work In Tekken 8?

Want to climb the ranked ladder in Tekken 8? We've got a deep dive into the ranking system for the newest fighting game complete with everything you need to get started

Ranking up online in a fighting game can be daunting in any fighting game, and Tekken 8 is no different. But now that you’ve got some of the basics down and have an understanding of the game, you want to take a crack at the online ladders. So here’s a look at what’s changed from Tekken 8 and how many point you’ll need to rank up.

Changes From Tekken 7

The first thing you’ll notice is that there are significantly fewer ranks in Tekken 8 than in 7. This is because of the elimination of the 3rd “dan” and all the “kyu” ranks in the rookie tiers. This means that after Beginner, 1st, and 2nd dan, you’ll get tossed straight into the next division instead of languishing in the “kyu” tier for 10 levels. This should make progress for new and beginner-level players feel like they are making much more headway into their Tekken journey.

Also, all ranked matches are now changed to best-of-three which means no more infinite rematches against an opponent you’re dominating. This brings Tekken 8 more in line with standard fighting game ranked systems and makes the experience much more representative of actual skill, and not just a good couple of matches.

What Remains In T8’s Ranked Play?

Outside of having less ranks in general, the experience still functions much like Tekken 7. The better you perform the more points you get. Also, ranks are broken down into colors or divisions and you’ll generally only fight opponents in your division. After Silver, the divisions have three ranks before you move up. But if you’re skilled enough to reach the top two divisions of Blue and Gold, you'll have four ranks to pass. So if you’re at Fighter you’ll generally only be fighting folks in the Light Blue ranks until you’re on the cusp of ranking up. Once you accumulate enough points from wins, you’ll have a promotion match that you must win to advance.

Every rank at Warrior and beyond can get demoted out of their Division if you lose too much. So make sure once you reach Yellow that you’re ready to take each match seriously because a loss could set you back quite a bit.

Tekken 8 ranked promotion screen

Every Rank In Tekken 8

(numbers are based on Closed Beta and are subject to change)

Brown Division - 0 Pts to qualify for rank up

  • Beginner (Everyone starts here)

Silver Division - 400 pts

  • 1st Dan
  • 2nd Dan

Light Blue Division - 1,600 pts

  • Fighter
  • Strategist
  • Combatant

Green Division - 4,200 pts

  • Brawler
  • Ranger
  • Cavalry

Yellow Division - 7,400 pts

  • Warrior
  • Assailant
  • Dominator

Orange Division - 12,400 pts

  • Vanquisher
  • Destroyer
  • Eliminator

Red Division - 18,500 pts

  • Garyu
  • Shinryu
  • Tenryu

Ruler Division - 31,500 pts

  • Mighty Ruler
  • Flame Ruler
  • Battle Ruler

Blue Division - 45,700 pts

  • Fujin
  • Raijin
  • Kishin
  • Bushin

Gold Division - 70,900 pts

  • Tekken King
  • Tekken Emperor
  • Tekken God
  • Tekken God Supreme

God of Destruction - Special Rank - 109,000 pts