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Tekken 8 — How to Join The October Closed Beta Test

Your next chance to try out Tekken 8 is coming. Find out how to join the network test for Tekken 8 on October 20-23

While the world is still cooling off from the release of Mortal Kombat 1, the folks over at Bandai Namco are still cooking up Tekken 8. The roster for T8 seems to be shaping up to mostly include returning fighters. In a new trailer for the game, we got further confirmation of that ethos. The latest look was of Feng Wei, a Kung Fu brawler from China that’s looking to pummel his way to transcendence. Also, we got a tease on when the next Beta for Tekken 8 will come about. So players that can’t wait till January will have another shot at honing their skills.

Feng Wei joins Tekken 8 roster

When Does the Tekken 8 Beta Test Start?

If you’re excited to potentially get your hands on Feng, the next beta test for Tekken 8 opens on October 20th and runs through the 23rd. The beta will feature 19 selectable characters including Feng and the two characters announced at EVO, Raven and Azucena. The Ortiz Farm, the alpaca-dwelled home stage of Azucena will also be available for selection in this go-round of closed play. You can also expect a number of balance and system changes coming to the Heat system as well for this beta as Bandai Namco look to iron out some of the complaints from the last test. Also included will be our first hands-on Tekken Fight Lounge, the T8 team's version of a battle hub style lobby system.

Sign-ups for the Tekken 8 Closed Beta are currently open. Registration closes on October 11th, but signing up doesn’t guarantee your place in the test. If you got access to the Closed Network Test in July, you won’t need to reapply. Just make sure your T8 copy is updated to the latest version.