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Teamfight Tactics — All New Items in Set 9.5, Ranked

TFT’s bold new items are sure to switch up the metagame in set 9.5

The new Teamfight Tactics mid-set expansion brings the biggest change to items the game has ever seen. With support items being moved into a seperate, non-craftable class, items like Zeke’s Herald and Zephyr were replaced with brand new items that better fit Riot Games’ goal of what items should be, creating carries and tanks.

TFT Set 9.5 introduced six brand-new items into the game with unique effects that are bound to change how players craft items forever. And with that said, Esports Illustrated’s TFT expert broke down which new items are staples and which new items are better left unused.

Here are all the new TFT items ranked in Set 9.5.

Steraks Gage

The clear star of the new items, Steraks Gage is the only item on this list that is a staple item on multiple champions. For mobile champions that just need a little more survivability without needing an actual healing item, Steraks Gage does everything as it gives champions bonus health in a pinch but more importantly, the backloaded damage those attack damage carries crave.

This item will be a staple on champions like Fiora and Darius

Nashors Tooth

While Nashor’s Tooth is really only a staple on Azir in 9.5, Nashor's Tooth has practical use that really no other item has. It's the perfect item for magic damage casters that benefit from some extra attack speed. It's not a must have item on attack speed carries but those carries won't hate having this item as a secondary or last item on them.

Outside of Azir, Nashor’s Tooth is a good option to build on champions like Mordekaiser


Evenshroud does have its place in the TFT metagame as one of only two items that shred armor but with the other item being a staple on attack damage carries anyways, evenshroud is not quite staple tier in attack damage compositions. But in a pinch, Evenshroud is definitely still a good item just not a necessary one.

A good tank item that can be built on champions like Sejuani and Shen

Adaptive Helm

Another item that isn't quite staple but good, adaptive helm is a very good flex item that is a fantastic slammable item in the early game as its good on front and backline. However, its never a champion's first or second choice when it comes to optimal itemization. A decent “I guess” option for almost every champion though.

Good for champions that like passive mana gain like Silco and Gangplank


Crownguard is an item on paper that seems broken. This item was built for magic tanks with powerful abilities. However, there really isnt any magic tanks in the set that also double has pseudo-carries. With that said, the massive HP shield still makes this a decent tank item to slam.

A good item to build on champions like Neeko and Cho’Gath

Night Harvester

Night Harvester is good on paper but it just falls flat when it comes to putting it into practice. When it comes to conditional damage amplifiers, Night Harvester is competing with items like Giant Slayer and Guardbreaker and the big issue is that Night Harvester is the less consistent condition to hit. 

Night Harvester requires the wearer to be below 60% health while the other two items just require hitting high health or high shield champions. But since almost every carry champion is ranged, being below 60% and still dishing out damage is not very viable.

Only good on Rogue champions like Qiyana and Ekko.