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Disguised Toast Hunts for TFT Pro to Sign

The winner of DSG Trails: TFT will represent DSG at the TFT Vegas Open in December

With the first-ever big LAN event in Teamfight Tactics history just around the corner, its prime time for esports organizations to showcase themselves to the TFT audience. With teams like TSM, Team Liquid and Cloud9 already on board with players, the door is open for others to pick up some of North America’s best ahead of the TFT Vegas Open in early December. One up-and-coming organization just announced that not only are they scouting potential players, but they aim to pick up the best free agent possible.

How to Join DSG as a TFT Player

Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang’s esports team, DSG is picking up a TFT player to compete under the DSG banner in Vegas but is doing it uniquely. Instead of going through a scouting process and looking at different factors, DSG is hosting a special 32-player tournament where the winner will join the organization.

DSG Trials: TFT will take place online on October 16-17 with signups live right now. Although this event is capped at 32 players, this event is not a first come first serve. Instead, the 32 players that will be picked will be the 32 players with the highest rank after signups end on October 11th.

DSG tryouts

The announcement which was made on Twitter earlier in the week outlines that the winner of this event will get a DSG contract for the TFT Vegas Open, free accommodations to the TFT Vegas Open including flight hotel and entry ticket, a brand new gaming computer provided by Intel and a cash prize of $2,500.

Although the prizing is incredibly top heavy with the winning player taking home the lion's share of prizing, the 32-player event has a $10,000 prize pool that trickles down to 8th place with the player coming in 8th taking home $400 for their efforts.

The format of the event will be similar to other competitive TFT events with the 32 players being split into eight-player lobbies. Stage 1 will see those 32 players play three games with lobbies being shuffled after Game 2. After the third game, the bottom eight players will be eliminated. Stage 2 will have the 24 remaining players play another two games with lobbies shuffled after the first game giving players five total games to acquire points between Stage 1 and 2. At the end of Stage 2, the bottom 8 players will be eliminated leaving 16 players left. Stage 3 will have the remaining 16 players play one final game giving the 16 players a total of six games to acquire points, the eight players with the most points will move on to Day 2.


Day 2 will have the remaining eight players compete with a clean slate and will follow the checkmate format. The checkmate format in TFT refers to the idea that players will not play a static amount of games. Instead, players will play games in order to meet a specific point threshold. Once a player reaches this threshold they put the lobby in “check”. Once a player hits check, if they place first in any game after, the tournament ends and they win through checkmate.

In this particular tournament, the threshold is 20 points meaning that once a player reaches 20 points, if they win a game after, they win the tournament at which point the rest of the placements are decided by accumulated points.

Spectators will be able to tune into the event and watch player POV’s on Twitch when the action kicks off at 1 pm PST starting on October 16th.