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First-Ever TFT Set Revival — Galaxies is Back!

To celebrate the Lunar New Year event, Riot is bringing back a fan-favorite set and introducing some sure to be fan favorite cosmetics

Even though the first patch of the new year for Teamfight Tactics has not hit live servers yet, players should be eager about the second patch even more than 14.1. In TFT Patch 14.2, players will be spoiled by Riot Games as the team behind TFT will bring back a fan favorite set as a limited-time game mode and some very cool Lunar New Year-themed cosmetics.

Here is a look at what players can expect in TFT Patch 14.2.

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TFT Patch 14.2 will bring players the revival of TFT Set 3.5 as well as three brand new Mythic Chibi Champions, Porcelain Lux, Guqin Sona, and Prestige Dragon Trainer Lee Sin in celebration of the Lunar Legacy in-game event.

TFT Set 3.5 Galaxies Revived

Announced at the TFT Vegas Open, the road map for TFT in 2024 included the long speculated return of older sets and the turnaround for the first one was just a little over a month away. Flash forward to the beginning of January and it is now known what the first "revival" set will be and it's the fan-favorite, Set 3.5.

TFT: Galaxies was an incredible set that brought players the first real set mechanic that is being used today, Galaxies. Although now they are called Portals. Funny enough, part of Set 3.5 coming back and being revived is new additions to the set to make it better. One of those things is replacing the Galaxies concept with the more defined Portals concept.

Teamfight Tactics Set 3 Galaxies

Other big changes include the use of Augments and the upgraded three-cost five-star champions to make the as flashy as their modern counterparts. But perhaps the biggest change is to the bag size for each champion. In TFT Set 10, we saw the bag size decrease to prevent three-star champions but in this revival, the bag sizes for each champion is being set a comical 50.

This is being done to give players the best entertainment value and will let players force whatever comp they want without fear of other players playing the same comp and stealing their champions. After all, TFT Set 3.5 is home to some of the most iconic comps of all time like Space Jam, Me Mech, and Cybernetics.

TFT Set 3.5 Revived will hit live servers in Patch 14.2.

TFT Year of the Dragon cosmetics

The Lunar New Year is finally here in TFT and while there will be no Fortunes Favor game mode (since TFT Set 3.5 revived is taking its place) Riot is pulling out all the cosmetic stops to make this in-game celebration special.

The biggest addition to TFT coming in Patxb 14.2 from the cosmetic standpoint is the addition of some new Chibi Champions. Sona will be making her Chibi Champion debut alongside a Mythic Guqin Sona which of course will come with a unique kill screen that will turn heads.

But that's not all, Sona is part of not one, not two, but three brand new Mythic Chibi Champions that will be coming out in Patch 14.2. Joining Sona is Mythic Porcelain Lux and Mythic Prestige Dragon Trainer Lee Sin. With three brand new Myrhic Chibi Champions entering the game at the same time, players are bound to see the Lunar New Year celebration in every game.

Additional Lunar New Year cosmetics include a brand new Mythic Arena and more that will be revealed closer to launch.