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The Soul Fighter event has hit the Teamfight Tactics servers and it has brought a fighting game-inspired aesthetic and an abundance of interesting gameplay that is sure to keep TFT players hooked. This includes TFT quests, which provide in-game rewards if completed.

Wanting to grind out the TFT quests? Here’s how.

How to Find the Soul Fighter TFT Quests

There are four champions that each have four different tasks you can complete for rewards. Locate these quests this way:

  • Open League of Legends
  • Head to the TFT tab
  • Locate the Soul Fighter sub-tab
  • Click the Choncc Dome banner to enter the Soul Brawler game mode
  • Find Choncc in the training room and you’ll see the four champions

Clicking on any of the four champions will open their individual Soul Fighter quest page. The first time you enter this page, you’ll be met with an animated comic-inspired cinematic that tells you the lore behind their involvement in Soul Fighter.

After that, you’ll see that only one quest is available. You have to complete the quest to unlock the next ones. After four quests, you’ll be granted a reward from the champion.


Gwen is hoping to fix her past mistakes and is reminded of her personal journey by her Little Legend champion, Pengu. Fans will be given some insight into her relationship with Pyke.

  • Stage 1: As Many Needles As It Takes: Play a game of Teamfight Tactics: Runeterra Reforged
  • Stage 2: Scissors & Swords: Deal 100000 magic damage
  • Stage 3: This Time, Gwen Won’t Fail: After being on a 4+ round lose streak, win a round OR Win 15 Training Stage rounds in Soul Brawl
  • Stage 4: Just The Trick: Win 2 Combats with a Deathblade, Bloodthirster, or Infinity Edge equipped
  • Stage 5: We Studied The Blade: Gain a free Pengu and Gwen emote


After running away from home, Lux attempted to master the powers that were given to her by her Soul. While she is a bit intense, her Little Legend, Nimblefoot, is very kind and a calming presence.

  • Stage 1: By The Light!: Play a game using a Region portal you voted for once
  • Stage 2: Pickpocket Pondering: Collect 50 loot orbs
  • Stage 3: Let’s Light It Up!: Win 50 PvP combat rounds OR Earn 500 Soul Power
  • Stage 4: Shine With Lux: Field 4 5-cost champions at 2 stars OR play 2 games of Soul Brawl
  • Stage 5: Luminous Souls: Gain a free Nimblefoor and Lux emote


This aggressive fighter wants to be the best and she is joined by her gun-slinging Little Legend Squink on her personal journey.

  • Stage 1: Give It Your All: Deal 100000 physical damage
  • Stage 2: One Is Not Enough: FIeld 30 2-star champions equipped with 3 combined items.
  • Stage 3: Earning The S In Skill: 3-star five champions
  • Stage 4: Target Practice: Place top four in three games OR place top four in Soul Brawl
  • Stage 5: Guns Blazing: Get a free Squink and Samira emote


This young fighter is hoping to take the throne from Viego. While new to the scene, she is very promising, especially with the extra push she gets from Shisa, an enthusiastic Little Legend.

  • Stage 1: Feel The Burn: Get a 4+ win streak 10 times OR play three games of Soul Brawl
  • Stage 2: Bros Bros Bros: Field 200 Champions
  • Stage 3: Push Yourself: Stun 50 Champions
  • Stage 4: Making Mom Proud: Field a Prismatic Trait OR Earn a 250+ Soul Power from Gwen or Sett in Soul Brawl
  • Stage 5: Heroic Brothers: Get a free Shisa and Sett emote