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Soul Fight is Riot Games’ big summer event that spans across all of their games. This includes Teamfight Tactics, which has received a new game mode called Soul Brawl that aligns with the fighting game theme of Soul Fight.

Riot Games told TFT players that Soul Brawl is where they can “unleash the power” of their soul and “get swole.” But what actually is Soul Brawl and how do you play it?

What is Soul Brawl?

Soul Brawl brings the Choncc Dome to TFT. Within the dome, you’ll face Soul Fighter Champions and their personal trainers, known as Little Legends. This is a temporary game mode that has players competing in a best-of-three tournament bracket until only one competitor is left standing.

How to Play Soul Brawl

There are two phases in Soul Brawl. The first is the Training Phase. During this phase, you should be focused on building your comp, collecting Soul Power, and winning rounds.

During the Training Phase, your goal is to win rounds to get 30 Soul Power. You will get 15 Soul Power if you lose and one Soul Power for every enemy champion killed.

“Soul Power will increase the number of loot options you get from Gwen and Sett when they visit to help with loot or appear as a PvE boss to help with violence (and more loot),” Riot explained. “Soul Power will also empower your Soul Crown after the Training Phase.”

Basically, you are granted an Imperfect Soul Crown during training that increases your crowned unit’s stats. It’s a reusable consumable that you can re-equip and does not take up an item slot.

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Then it’s time for the Tournament Phase. Your Imperfect Soul Crown will transform into The Soul Crown, which grants even more stats once equipped. The amount of stats it enhances is based on your Soul Power earned during the Training Phase.

The Soul Crown also brings you back to life the first time you are eliminated while wearing it. When you return, you will have health equal to double the amount of Soul Power you collected in the Training Phase.

Aside from this element, your goal is to position your team properly and win rounds. Once you lose twice, you are eliminated from the match.

Said Riot: “Now’s the time to make those risky positioning decisions with your empowered carry, slam those final items, and roll to zero (actually do this), cause losing twice will result in your elimination from the match! Good luck!”

When to Play Soul Brawl

Soul Brawl is a limited-time game mode that’s part of the Soul Fight event. It will be available to play from July 19 to August 15, 2023. You’ll have six weeks to play the game on your mobile devices so get ready to prove yourself.