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An in-depth guide on what the K/DA trait does and how to win with it.

The new Teamfight Tactics set, TFT: Remix Rumble is the game's 10th expansion and is the most ambitious yet. With every origin being music-themed, players will want to have a sound game plan when it comes to each specific trait.

In this guide, Esports Illustrated’s TFT expert takes players on a quick tour of what the K/DA trait has to offer along with what the trait does, what each K/DA Champion’s role is and some tips and tricks to make the K/DA comp the strongest it can be. Here is an explainer on how to play the K/DA trait in TFT Set 10.

What Does the K/DA trait do?

Even though there are more music groups now in the League of Legends universe, K/DA still demands the spotlight and in TFT Set 10, that is literal. The K/DA trait when active makes several hexes on the board light up as spotlight hexes which are similar to the Socialite trait in last seen in TFT Set 6.5 but this time there are enough spotlight hexes to power up entire teams.

The nice thing about the K/DA trait is that the hexes are generic meaning that they can power up any champion that is inside them and the stats they give are pretty important. Champions that begin combat in a spotlighted hex gain a percentage of max health, Ability Power and Attack Damage. But to make going deep into the K/DA trait enticing, K/DA champions in those hexes gain double the bonuses.

Ahri KDA splash art

Now, the important thing to note about the hexes is that the pattern changes from game to game. Mastery of unique positioning will make K/DA players stand out from each other so they can best use the hexes all the time.

All K/DA Champions and their roles

  • Evelyn (1g K/DA/Crowd Diver)
  • Lillia (1g K/DA/Superfan/Guardian)
  • Kai’Sa (2g K/DA/Big Shot)
  • Seraphine (2g K?DA/Spellweaver)
  • Neeko (3g K/DA/Superfan/Guardian)
  • Akali (4g K/DA/Breakout/Executioner)
  • Ahri (4g K/DA/Spellweaver)

The K/DA trait has seven champions in it making it one of the biggest vertical traits in TFT Set 10. Players might ask why there are seven K/DA champions when the group only has five champions. Riot added a couple of “Superfans” into the trait for the new expansion who also double as honorary K/DA members.

The first of the Superfans is Lillia. On top of being a K/DA Superfan, Lillia is also a Sentinel which gives the trait some frontline protection. Think of Lillia as security for the K/DA popstars.

The other Superfan that K/DA has is a frontliner who happens to be Neeko. As a three-cost K/DA member, Neeko does more than just protect the other members. Her ability is “Cosplay” in which she literally will transform her highest health teammate gaining a shield and a percentage of that ally’s maximum health and when the shield breaks, she does magic damage.

But back to the stars of the show, Evelyn is a one-cost Crowd Diver who can be an early-game item holder for the flashier stars in the late game.

Seraphine and Kai’Sa are both two-cost champions who are also reroll candidates. Kai’Sa does physical damage while Seraphine is a utility champion that heals allies and does magic damage to enemies.

But the true traditional carries of K/DA are the four-cost duo of Akali and Ahri. Ahri is a traditional ranged magic damage carry with low mana cost. She blows a kiss at an enemy that does magic damage and briefly stuns and on a second cast to an enemy that has been kissed before, she does increased magic damage.

Akali is an AD assassin-like champion that marks enemies and dashes through them and on every cast she makes a new champion and makes sure she hits up every marked champion in her path.

Best synergy champions

Since there are already two Superfan champions built into the K/DA synergy, players might as well add in a third or fourth to really hone on on the super carry playstyle. Kennen turns on the Guardian trait when paired with Neeko.

As for helping out the main carries, players should look to pick up Sona to support Ahri in her Spellweaver endeavors. Ekko is also a fantastic option as he is a Spellweaver Sentinel which gives the comp some decent frontline.

If players are carrying through with Akali, than picking up some executioners like Karthus and Vex can prove to be beneficial.