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TFT Meta Report Patch 13.24 — Get Blinged Out

A look at the rising trends bi-weekly to help players stay ahead of the curve on their way to winning lobbies.

The last patch of the year also happens to be the longest patch for Teamfight Tactics Set 10, Remix Rumble. Patch 13.24 is here for another couple of weeks which means that it is also time for another look at what is hot and not on the hit list charts. The meta has been pretty stable in TFT Patch 13.24 but some things have emerged that players should take note of as they push for a higher rank during the final days of the holiday season.

Here is the TFT Meta Report for Patch 13.24 part 2

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Using’s data, here is a look at the best performers in these categories for Patch 13.24 part 2

Augment Spotlight: Blinged Out

Gold Augments take the top four spots in this iteration of the best augments based on average placement included in that list are two augments that were previously on the augment spotlight — Little Buddies and Three’s a Crowd. But that doesn't mean that this week’s augment, Blinged Out is not on their level.

Blinged Out is the trait augment for True Damage. It states that your True Damage champions gain 100 health and 8% attack speed for each item they are holding and also gain a Yasuo and a Senna. Just by doing the simple math, if a True Damage champion is holding three items, they will gain 300 health and 24% attack speed which is a massive buff, especially in a comp like True Damage that will aim to have a couple of carries.

The augment trumps the other three augments in win rate sporting a 17.2% while also having the best average placement when picked as the last augment with a 4.02 average placement.

Champion Focus: Akali (True Damage)

True Damage Akali from GIANTS

Outside of just Ahri, there are zero non-five-cost champions in S-Tier, but one four-cost champion is right on the edge. True Damage Akali barely missed out on S-Tier in this week’s Meta Report as she has an average placement of 4.21 in Diamond+ lobbies and a better average than the five-cost champions Kayn.

The reason why its the True Damage Akali version that is higher than the K/DA version is because Akali is a key piece of the popular True Damage flex comp that either looks to carry through Caitlyn with a True Damage Emblem or Senna in a reroll carry comp. In both of those compositions, Akali is usually second in command.

When it comes to items, players should look to build Edge of Night, Infinity Edge and Hand of Justice as her three items as they give Akali an incredible average placement of 3.71.

Player on the Rise: Kahdei

There has been a lot of movement on the ladder even in a somewhat defined meta but there is one player who is quickly climbing on the North American ladder. Kahdei over the past three days has climbed over 600 LP in 35+ games to put him just outside the top 50 players in the region and has done it at an average placement clip of 3.42.

Digging deeper into their success, Kahdei has had a crazier last 20-game spread grabbing 12 top 2’s with an average placement of 2.80. And looking and the comps they have excelled on, Kahdei sticks mainly to a three-comp rotation of Sentinel Ahri, Crowd Diver Yone and of course, True Damage flex usually opting for Caitlyn but has also had success playing Senna reroll.