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Teamfight Tactics revamps items for the long term in TFT 9.5

Count your days Zephyr and Shroud of Stillness users

As is tradition, Riot Games is introducing several significant changes in the Teamfight Tactics mid-set update for TFT Runeterra Reforged. Of course, this includes new units, traits and cosmetics. But for the first time in a long time, the most important change is none of those.

Instead, Riot is electing to change TFT for the long term beyond just this mid-set update by revamping the item system which is bound to change how players approach playing the game, hopefully for the better.

All of these changes will go live with the release of TFT: Horizonbound which hits live servers on September 13th.

Why items are being changed

Simply put, some of the current items in TFT have been very hard to balance. Other items have been very frustrating to play around.

In just this set alone, Aura items have been at the forefront of very oppressive meta games where stacking as many Zeke’s Heralds or Locket of Iron Solari was the optimal strategy which turns off innovation and instead, promotes a high roll playstyle of getting as many of a single item component as possible.

Other items, like Zephyr and Shroud of Stillness have always just been frustrating to play against but also, these items are only good in the late game as they just don't really do much when enemy compositions aren't fully developed which leaves these items in an awkward place, especially when players are forced to build them depending on the components they are left over with.

With that in mind, TFT’s item designer, Tim “Riot Truexy” Jiang explained the philosophy behind the new items. Make item categorization easier to understand And give each class of champions a variety of viable items to build that offer broad ranges of stats.

List of Items being removed

Here are a list of items being removed from the craftable item pool. However, these items will still be in the game through other means but will not be available by all players all the time.

  • Zz’Rot Portal
  • Zephyr
  • Zeke’s Herald
  • Locket Of Iron Solari
  • Shroud of Stillness
  • Chalice of Harmony

These items are being repurposed into a new type of item called “Support items” since they do not follow the philosophy that is being set by not inherently making the holder stronger.

Support items can be obtained through augments, portals and other methods.

The new ones

With those items gone, new ones have arrived to be their replacements that better fit the new philopshy. Here is a complete list of the new items, how to make them and what type of unit they would be good on.

Adaptive Helm:

Build: Tear and Negatron Cloak

Stats: 15 Mana/30 Magic Resist

Effect: Combat Start: The holder gains bonus stats based on their starting position.

Front Two Rows: 15 Ability Power and 25 Armor and Magic Resist.

Back Two Rows: 15 Ability Power and gain 15 Mana every 3 seconds.

This item is a new flex item that can be good on either a front line tank or a back line carry. Its best used on tanks units that have a scaling ability and those that have mixed tank stats. Its backline usage is useful for caster carries that want to fire their ability more often but those that dont neccisarily auto attack alot.

Nashors Tooth:

Build: Recurve Bow and Giants Belt

Stats: 30 Ability Power/10% Attack Speed/150 Health

Effect: After Casting a Spell, increase attack speed by 40% for five seconds.

This item primarily benefits attack speed casters that can attempt to chain ability casts through the use of the attack speed buff.


Build: Negatron Cloak and Giants Belt

Stats: 150 Health/20 Magic Resist

Effect: 50% Sunder (Armor shred) enemies within two hexes. For the first 10 seconds of combat, gain 25 Armor and Magic Resist

The armor version of Ionic Spark. This item is useful on front line tanks that will last awhile for their attack damage carries to tear through front lines.


Build: Needlesly Large Rod and Chain Vest

Stats: 15 Ability Power/30 Armor

Effect: At the start of combat, Gain a Shield that is equal to 35% of the user maximum health for eight seconds. When it breaks or expires, gain 40 additional Ability Power.

This item is useful for the front line mage carry that needs some time to ramp up in the fight and by the time the shield wears off, they are ready to cast their powerful ability.

Sterak’s Gage:

Build: BF Sword and Giants Belt

Stats: 300 Health/20% Attack Damage

Effect: Once per combat at 50% health, increase max health by 25% and gain an additional 30% Attack Damage for the rest of combat.

This item is similar to Crownguard but for melee attack damage carries. Very useful with champions that have built-in lifesteal or combined with an item like Bloodthirster.

Night Harvester:

Build: Sparring Gloves and Chain Vest

Stats: 25 Ability Power/25 Armor/20% Crit Chance

Effect: 15% bonus damage, increased by another 15% when below 60% max health.

This item is useful for units that can move around the board as they are the ones likely to kill a unit, drop aggro and get the most use of dealing damage below that max health threshold.

The numbers are not set in stone but the general effects of these items are the ones Riot is going with as new players will get to experiment with them on the live servers in mid-September or when TFT 9.5 hits the PBE servers.