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The final mid-set expansion for Teamfight Tactics is finally here. TFT Patch 13.18 brings the long-awaited TFT Runeterra Reforged: Horizonbound update which showcases a treasure chest of new champions, cosmetics, items and more for players to explore.

Here is an extensive breakdown of what players need to know before diving into TFT Set 9.5 when the patch goes live on Wednesday, September 13.

New Cosmetics

A new cast of little legends enters the fray with the Pochita look-a-like Knife Pup and the bigger badder version of it, Knife Hound.

Chibi Irelia and Chibi Divine Sword Irelia also enter the game as the game’s newest Chibi Champions

There is also a new battle pass and a new premium arena as well.

New Items

The item system has been completely overhauled with six new craftable items as well as a new class of items, support items, that will be available through things like portals and augments. The six new craftable items better follow Riot’s goals of creating star carries and tanks instead of just an aura bot.

New Traits and Champions

The new mid-set update switches up the available traits and champions players can use with the addition of the Bilgewater and Ixtal regions as well as the Vanquisher traits but is at the cost of the Shadow Isles, Yordles and Deadeye traits.

In total 17 champions have been replaced giving TFT a fresh coat of paint

Ranked Rewards and Ranked Reset

A new mid-set expansion means its time to collect some loot for placing well in TFT Set 9. Players who placed in Gold or higher before the mid-set will receive an exclusive Chibi Star Guardian Lux emote that has a different color scheme depending on a player's highest rank. There are also exclusive emotes for Hyper Roll and Double Up.

The new mid-set does mean there is a “soft” ranked reset. Players will be demoted one full tier below their end rank meaning that if a player ended in Diamond 3, they will be placed in Platinum 3 at the start of TFT Set 9.5.

Major Balance changes for existing champions


Jhin is now an Ionia Vanquisher

Jhin Mana buff: 44/144 to 44/124


Poppy is now just Demacia Bastion

Poppy Health: 600 to 700

Poppy max Mana buff: 90/150 to 40/100

Poppy AD: 45 to 55

Poppy Steadfast Hammer Shield Amount: 310/330/350 to 250/300/350

Poppy Steadfast Hammer Shield Duration: 3 to 4 seconds


Ashe is now a Freljord Vanquisher

Ashe AD: 50 to 55

Ashe Volley AD ratio: 160/160/170% to 160/165/175%


Swain REWORKED: Swain is no longer mana-locked while his Demonflare ability is active. Instead, if he casts again while transformed, he’ll perform a burst, gaining 225/260/385 additional max Health and dealing 100/160/240 magic damage to nearby enemies.

Swain initial transformation bonus Health: 375/450/650 to 325/375/550

Swain Demonflare Sustained Tick Damage: 35/50/75 to 25/40/60

Swain Mana nerf: 50/120 to 60/135

Swain Armor & MR: 50 to 45


Warwick REWORKED: When Warwick casts, instead of gaining an increased heal, he’ll gain +100% bonus Attack Speed.


Darius is now a Noxus Juggernaut Vanquisher

Darius AD: 70 to 60

Darius AS: 0.75 to 0.7

Darius Noxian Guillotine AD ratio: 350% to 300%

Darius Noxian Guillotine Base Damage: 100/120/150 to 55/80/110


Jayce Mana buff: 40/120 to; 30/100

Jayce Acceleration Gate Damage: 240/240/250% AD to 255/255/265% AD

Jayce Acceleration Gate Ally Attack Speed: 20/25/30% to 15%

Jayce Acceleration Gate Self Attack Speed: 20% to 30/40/50%


Rek’Sai is now a Void Bruiser Slayer

Rek’Sai AD: 65 to 60

Rek’Sai Armor & MR: 40 to 45

Rek’Sai AS: 0.7 to 0.75

Rek’Sai Furious Bite AD ratio: 315% to; 290/290/300%

Rek’Sai Furious Bite Empowered Spell Health Threshold: 70% to 66% (matches Slayer)

Rek’Sai Furious Bite no longer deals bonus damage on her enhanced bite. Enemies below 66% will just take her standard damage converted to true damage

Rek’Sai’s Furious Bite animation speed has been significantly increased her when not dashing through her target


Aphelios is now a Targon Gunner

Aphelios Armor & MR: 30 to; 25

Aphelios AD: 65 to 60

Aphelios Range: 5 to 4 (Deadeye removal)

Aphelios AS: 0.8 to 0.75

Aphelios Chakram AD ratio: 10/10/30% to 5/5/15%

Aphelios Chakram Healing: 50% to 75%

Aphelios Moonblast AD ratio: 200/200/550% to200/200/500%


Nasus Attack Speed: 0.65 to 0.7

Nasus Armor & MR: 60 to; 50

Nasus Soul Eater AD% Steal: 10% to 8%

Nasus Soul Eater Resistance Steal: 5/5/30 to 4/4/20

Nasus Soul Eater Enemies Stolen From: 4/5/9 to 4/5/7

Nasus Soul Eater empowered bonks AD ratio: 350/350/700% to 380/380/700%


Aatrox now benefits from Darkin even when he is alive

Aatrox now uses most damage dealt this fight as a tiebreaker when two units are equidistant


Heimerdinger is now a Piltover Technogenius

Heimerdinger Apex Turret Upgrade, Shrink Module Sunder & Shred: 40/50/70% to 20/30/50%

Heimerdinger Apex Turret Upgrade, Shrink Module Shrink Duration: 6 to 4 seconds

Heimerdinger Apex Turret Upgrade, Mechano-Swarm Burn: 1/2/3% to 1/1/2%

Heimerdinger Apex Turret Upgrade, Mechano-Swarm Rocket Damage: 50/80/120 to 50/120/120

For more minor adjustments to champions, augments and items, check out the official patch notes.