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A big Teamfight Tactics update is coming on July 19 in the form of Patch 13.14 with a focus on balancing the Set Nine Runeterra Reforged meta. This includes a lot of Augment and item updates that are currently being tested on PBE servers.

Patch 13.14 TFT Augment Updates

Some of the biggest changes in Patch 13.14 revolve around Augment changes. This includes changes to gold and XP earned through econ Augments and reworks of the Augments’ abilities themselves.

  • Balance Budget: Gold reduced from four to five
  • Balance Budget Two: Gold reduced from eight to six
  • Balance Budget Three: Gold reduced from 12 to 10
  • Built Different Two: Health is now 180 to 360 and attack speed is 40 to 60 percent
  • Built Different Three: Health is now 270 to 600 and attack speed is 50 to 70 percent
  • Caretaker’s Ally: Rework—”Each time you level up, gain the same random tier-three champion”
  • Caretaker’s Chosen: Level to open a Radiant item Armory changed from eight to seven
  • Final Reserves: Total health reduced adjusted from 40 to 20 percent and gold increased to eight
  • Know Your Enemy: Rework—”Your units deal 15 percent increased damage. If you and your opponent have any of the same traits activated, they deal 20 percent increased damage instead”
  • Knowledge Download: XP gained reduced from 16 to 12
  • Knowledge Download Two: XP gained reduced from 24 to 22
  • Knowledge Download Three: XP gained reduced from 40 to 36
  • Living Forge: Random Ornn Artifact changed to gain an Ornn item Anvil
  • Medium-End Shopping: Gold granted reduced from three to one
  • Money: Gold gained initially and after four turns reduced to 10
  • Money Money: Gold gained initially and after four turns reduced to 16
  • Money Money Money: Gold gained initially and after four turns reduced to 25
  • Riftwalk: Now has players gain a Kassadin
  • Rolling for Days: Shop refreshes reduced to 10
  • Rolling for Days Two: Shop refreshes reduced to 15
  • Rolling for Days Three: Shop refreshes reduced to 25
  • Spoils of War Two: Chance to drop loot reduced to 30 percent
  • Spoils of War Three: Chance to drop loot reduced to 40 percent
  • Stable Evolution: Health gained reduced to 70 and attack damage was reduced to seven percent
  • Stars are Born: Gold gained reduced from three to six
  • Suppressing Fire: The duration of attacks dealing reduced damage increased from four to eight seconds
  • The Boss: Attack speed granted increased from 30 to 35 percent
  • Three’s a Crowd: Health gained increased from 100 to 123
  • Tiny Grab Bag: Gold reduced to four
  • Tiny Power: Attack damage, ability power, and attack speed given to units reduced from eight to seven percent
  • iny Power Two: Attack damage, ability power, and attack speed given to units reduced from 11 to 10 percent
  • Tiny Power Three: Attack damage, ability power, and attack speed given to units reduced from 18 to 16 percent
  • Wellness Trust: Gold threshold reduced from 50 to 30
  • Young and Wild and Free: Gain one random item Component(s) was added

Patch 13.14 TFT Item Changes

The second big change coming in Patch 13.14 revolves around items. A lot are getting adjusted to keep the game feeling balanced.

  • Locket of the Iron Solari: Shield reduced from 300/350/400 to 180/200/220 and damage duration was reduced to four seconds
  • Morellonomicon: Burn reduced from 10 to one percent
  • Sunfire Cape: Burn reduced from 10 to one percent
  • Sniper’s Focus: Grant one bonus attack range was added
  • Sniper’s Focus: Increased damage per Hex was reduced from 10 to eight percent
Teamfight Tactics Pingin

Patch 13.14 TFT Champion Changes

Finally, some champions are seeing changes in 13.14, including some reworks, buffs, and nerfs. A lot of champion changes went live on PBE servers today.

  • Aphelios: Moon Blast damage buffed to a total of 195 and Chakram damage increased to eight
  • Ashe: Total damage buffed from 125 to 175 percent
  • Cassiopeia: Magic damage reduced to 170/255/385 and bonus magic damage nerfed to 51/77/116
  • ChoGath: Magic damage buffed to 334/486/722 and gained maximum health was changed to 30/35/40
  • Galio: Heal buffed to 350/400/450 for a total heal of 400
  • Gwen: Duration of armor and magic resistance changed to 3/3/6 seconds
  • Irelia: Mana nerfed to 30/90 and Ionia bonus reduced to plus-25 armor and magic resistance
  • Jarvin IV: Mana changed to 60/180
  • Jhin: Ionia bonus reduced to 20 percent attack damage
  • Jinx: Total damage buffed from 125 to 147
  • Katarina: Magic damage after teleportation nerfed to 130/195/320
  • Karma: Magic damage buffed to 180/270/445 and Ionia ability power bonus nerfed from 30 to 20
  • Lux: Magic damage changed to 700/1050/3333 and mana nerfed to 0/40
  • Malzahar: Shields destroyed increased to 50 percent and magic damage buffed to 200/300/450
  • Orianna: Rework—After granting the lowest health ally a shield for four seconds the spell empowers Orianna’s next attack that deals 260/390/585 bonus magic damage. The shield expiring ability was removed, along with adjacent enemies getting Chilled
  • Samira: Total damage nerfed from 200 to 175 percent
  • Soraka: Magic damage from stars buffed to 115/170/265
  • Swain: Mana adjusted to 40/80 and health bonus increased to 475
  • Taric: Mana changed to 40/70 and shield gained adjusted to 450/500/575
  • Teemo: Magic damage adjusted to 200/300/465/500
  • Warwick: Passive attack heal changed to 30/35/40
  • Urgot: Mana buffed to 30/90
  • Zed: Total damage nerfed from 166 to 146
  • Zeri: Chain Lightning’s total damage increased from 45 to 49

Patch 13.14 TFT Trait Changes

Lastly, a lot of traits have been updated on PBE. Check out the changes to give some feedback to Riot Games before the patch goes live elsewhere.

  • Deadeye: Damage at each breakpoint buffed to 25/70/150 percent damage
  • Demacia: Armor and magic resistance buffed at all breakpoints except three to 5/25/60/125
  • Invoker: Additional mana to Invokers buffed at the breakpoint of six to 20
  • Juggernaut: Damage reduction slightly adjusted at all three breakpoints
  • Rogue: Bleed increased at the breakpoint of four from 30 to 50 percent
  • Shadow Isles: Times receiving or dealing damage reduced from eight to six and shield duration buffed to 15 seconds
  • Slayer: Omnivamp reduced from 15 to 10 percent
  • Strategist: Ability power at each breakpoint nerfed to 15/25/40/60