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The next Teamfight Tactics balance patch has been announced and a new meta is possibly on the way.

Teamfight Tactics Lead Designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer has provided some insight into the upcoming changes in Patch 13.15, which includes system, augment, trait, and unit changes that will shake up the game. Here are the biggest updates coming to Set 9 in TFT Patch 13.15.

System Changes in 13.15

The item distribution in TFT is going to see a big change with a focus on Raptors, which will now drop fewer items. And those items will be redistributed into a team’s Krugs and Wolves PvE loot orbs. This will hopefully allow teams to shape strategies around items a bit easier.

Trait Changes in 13.15

Mortdog then laid out some of the big trait changes players should be prepared for in 13.15. This includes buffing 2 and 4 Bastion and buffing Noxus stats at lower amounts of stacks.

Zaun is another trait with big changes. Zaun mods will now be removable if units are benched. A player’s first Zaun mod will also be offensive or hybrid while the second will be defensive or hybrid.

Augment Changes in 13.15

You’ll notice some big changes to augments in Patch 13.15, largely nerfs.

There are nerfs to Aurelion Sol’s 4-2 gold and prismatic augments so it’s not as easy to reach level 9. There are also nerfs to Ornn’s 3-2 silver augment, removing medium-end shopping. Another nerf is going to Two Healthy, with 2-cost units not counting towards health bonus anymore. Oh, and then there’s a nerf to Ravenous Hunter’s cap on stacks to keep things balanced.

Unit Changes in 13.15

When it comes to 1-cost units, Kayle is getting a buff to her AD, and Cassiopeia and Samira are getting reduced cast time.

2-cost unit changes include Sett and Kassadin getting reduced spell damage while Teemo and Swait are getting some nice buffs that could shake the meta a bit.

Some 3-cost units are also getting buffs. Jayce’s spells will now track targets and Rek’Sai will always heal if she dives or her target dies. But Akshan is getting a nerf to his AD after he spent quite some time being considered OP.

4-cost units seeing updates include Azir and Kai’sa getting small buffs and Gwen being given the ability to attack multiple targets. Mortdog is predicting that this change will be massive to the game and could result in a changed meta.

When it comes to 5-cost units, Ahri is notably getting nerfed since she’s been seen as pretty oppressive.

Item Changes in 13.15

A change you should be aware of is to Eternal Winter. Its HP has gone from 300 down to 200, which is quite the big nerf. On the other hand, Morellonomicon will now apply any damage from abilities rather than only magic and true damage.