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Teamfight Tactics — True Damage Trait Guide

How to play the True Damage trait in TFT Set 10

The new Teamfight Tactics set, TFT: Remix Rumble is the game's 10th expansion and is the most ambitious yet. With every origin being music-themed, players will want to have a sound game plan when it comes to each specific trait.

In this guide, Esports Illustrated’s TFT expert takes players on a quick tour of what the True Damage trait has to offer along with what the trait does, what each True Damage Champion’s role is and some tips and tricks to make the True Damage comp the strongest it can be. Here is an explainer on how to play the True Damage trait in TFT Set 10.

What Does the True Damage trait do?

True Damage took over the world with their single GIANTS back in 2019 and now they are a giant trait in TFT Set 10. With six different champions represented, True Damage is one of the big vertical traits that players will want to explore.

As for what the trait does, its literally in the name. True Damage champions get increased True Damage that scales with how many different True Damage champions are on the board. But if that was all it would be a little boring. So on top of that, True Damage champions also flex on the competition as each champion in the trait has a “Bling Bonus” for their ability as long as they are holding any item.

These Bling Bonuses differ from champion to champion with some being good at utility and the others in damage.

This trait excels at splitting items around to make sure as many True Damage champions can get their Bling Bonus so when playing the trait vertically its good to have three items on the main carry and the rest of the items split among the rest of the True Damage champions instead of just throwing three items on another carry or a tank.

Qiyana pinup art from True Damage

All True Damage Champions and their roles

  • Yasuo (1g True Damage/Edgelord)
  • Kennen (1g True Damage/Superfan/Guardian)
  • Senna (2g True Damage/Rapidfire)
  • Ekko (3g True Damage/Spellweaver/Sentinel)
  • Akali (4g True Damage/Breakout/Executioner)
  • Qiyana (5g True Damage/Crowd Diver)

Yasuo is one of the premier reroll champions in TFT Set 10 as his secondary trait is Edgelord and his ability gives Yasuo stacking AD every time he kills a champion and for his Bling Bonus, Yasuo executes enemies under 10% health which is incredible for a one-cost carry

Wait, Kennen isn't a part of True Damage but thanks to the Superfan trait, Kennen gets to be an honorary member. As a Superfan, Kennen gives whoever the Headliner is more stats and is a good frontline tank to help protect them. But if players want to commit to giving Kennen his Bling Bonus, he gets an additional target on his Discharge ability.

Senna is a two-cost reroll carry candidate when it comes to magic damage. While her Bling Bonus doesnt make her Concussive Noise pulse more times or do more damage, it does give her reduced max mana so its easier to spam.

Ekko is the traits main tank champion but also has the Spellweaver roll making him a good magic damage tank. Speaking of, his ability does magic damage to enemies and stuns them while also granting a shield. As for the Bling Bonus, Ekko heals every second as long as the shield on his ability is up.

Akali is the true traditional carry in the True Damage comp as she is a four-cost executioner who does physical damage. Her ability hits up to three enemies at once three times and she refunds mana for every enemy that survives. And to help her finish off those enemies that wont die, her Bling Bonus heals her for a percentage of damage dealt giving her built-in omnivamp

And finally, there is the main star of the show, Qiyana. Qiyana only has the Crowd Diver trait which just allows her to stun the backline on death but what she lacks in the trait department she gets back in the ability department. Qiyana’s ability copies her targets completed items and gives them to allied champions while also knocking the target back and dealing physical damage. Qiyana really brings the trait together as she can give temporary items to other True Damage champions that dont already have an item held which turns on their bling bonus. Speaking of, Qiyana’s bling bonus states that if she kills a target, she creates a permanent component based on the copied completed items allowing for potential item snowballing.

Best synergy champions

When looking at which champions synergize with True Damage’s two main stars of Akali and Qiyana, they already work well standalone. Giving Akali another Executioner is nice to give her some built-in crit damage and crit chance and if a player is heavy on AP items, Karthus is a nice magic damage carry.

But if players are heavy on AD items, putting in Lucian to be a main carry option is fantastic thanks to Senna also being a Rapidfire champion.