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How to Play Ranked Tournaments in The Finals

Ranked is finally here in The Finals. Here's everything you need to know to climb the leaderboard

The Finals has been dominating the gaming world since its launch, and players can now show their skills in the Ranked Tournament mode. Ranked Tournaments in The Finals split players into different ranks, allowing you to climb up the leaderboard and prove that you’re one of the best players in the game. Here’s everything you need to know including the format and the numerous rewards you can earn.

The Finals Ranked Tournament Format

To compete in Ranked Tournaments in The Finals, players will need to play a minimum of 60 rounds. This means that everyone in Ranked should have a good understanding of the game, and it will be the highest level of competition.

The Finals Ranked

Ranked Tournaments in The Finals work differently to a regular game as they split the lobby into 16 teams (48 players). These teams will compete over four rounds, with the top two teams qualifying from each match.

The final match will see the two teams remaining compete, with the team with the most cash taking the victory. Players can accumulate cash by eliminating their opponents and in cashout stations. However, the rules in Ranked Tournaments are slightly different, with no access to reserve weapons or gadgets during the game to make it a little harder.

The Finals Ranked Tournament Leagues & Rewards

Ranked Tournaments have five leagues for you to work your way through. Rewards from Ranked Tournaments include charms, accessories, weapon skins and more. However, there is also a reward for reaching each league:

  • Bronze – Baseball cap
  • Silver – Sweatband
  • Gold – Gloves
  • Diamond – Legendary weapon skin
The Finals Ranked

The Finals Ranked Leagues

  • Bronze
    • Bronze 4
    • Bronze 3
    • Bronze 2
    • Bronze 1
  • Silver
    • Silver 4
    • Silver 3
    • Silver 2
    • Silver 1
  • Gold
    • Gold 4
    • Gold 3
    • Gold 2
    • Gold 1
  • Platinum
    • Platinum 4
    • Platinum 3
    • Platinum 2
    • Platinum 1
  • Diamond
    • Diamond 4
    • Diamond 3
    • Diamond 2
    • Diamond 1

Luckily, you can’t be demoted from a league in The Finals Ranked Tournaments. This means that if you make it all the way to Diamond 4, you can’t be demoted back down to Platinum if you lose a few matches. The fastest way to rank up through the Leagues is to win Tournaments. Winning a tournament will give you around 600 points, however, if you lose in the first knockout round then you will lose ranked points.