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The 5 Best VALORANT Agents on Sunset, Ranked

Selecting these five agents on Sunset will ensure the sun never sets on your VALORANT team’s success.

Sunset’s addition to VALORANT has sent players scrambling to find the meta agent comp. The map is based on the Los Angeles Boyle Heights neighborhood and is beautifully designed with charming additions such as a boba tea shop, taco stall and basketball court. Sunset is a traditional map with only two sites, but it is full of twisting corridors that enable lurks and sports a significant middle area. 

Let’s examine the top five VALORANT agents to play on Sunset so your team can enjoy the scenery while securing wins.


Harbor agent art from Valorant

After entry, Sunset’s wide-open sites pose a problem when planting. Harbor’s Cove is a simple yet effective solution that guarantees attackers a safe plant without exposure to many retake angles. Cascade can clear B-Main or separate the A-Main crossfire to push. Harbor’s High Tide wall is crucial for taking space on entry, but it can also maintain mid-control on defense. In addition, a defensive Harbor can use High Tide to divide up a contested site and isolate 1v1s during a retake. Sunset is Harbor’s best map, and he is perhaps the most crucial pick on it.


Cypher agent art from Valorant

Like any other large map, a Sentinel is essential on Sunset to supplement defender space control. Sunset is home to several broken Cypher cams, such as one in the bottom right corner of the elbow that can see all of A-Main and A-Lobby. 

The map also has many windows and off-angles for Cypher’s cameras to peek through. Cypher’s trips are great to add an extra layer of defense to a site and free up the rest of the team to focus on mid.


Omen agent art from Valorant

Sunset’s large and twisting composition makes it a dream for controllers. Omen is no exception. His smokes are crucial on the attack to block off the Defender-side mid window. Uniquely, Sunset has several powerful Omen one-ways that allow him to secure easy picks. 

One of the most powerful is found right outside the B-Main lobby. Omen’s paranoia hits almost all of this narrow area if he plays for his smoke, meaning his B-site defense is difficult for attackers to pass. Aside from holding B-Main, Omen’s Paranoia allows him to lurk and pick off players in the highly-contested middle area.


Sage agent art from Valorant

Sage has been a steady agent in the VALORANT meta due to her versatile kit and use on many maps, and Sunset is no exception. She can hold her own as a sentinel with her walls and slows, but also has high mobility and flexible heals that allow her to be aggressive if needed. 

Using Sage’s wall to deny one of the site entrances on Sunset takes a significant amount of map control for defenders. The wall is also vital on the attacker's side to defend a planted bomb from (very common) flankers. In addition to the gained map control, teammates will be happy to have a Sage on their team and the extra comfort of heals and rezzes.


Raze agent art from Valorant

Sunset is chock-full of rat angles and choke points. While other duelists have flash and damage utility, they lack the mobility that Raze and Jett have to enter a site. With recent nerfs sending Jett’s power into the ground, Raze remains the duelist capable of satcheling through crossfires and into the Sunset meta. 

Because of the map’s many corners and angular choke points, shotguns are particularly useful on eco rounds. Raze’s increased movement lends itself well to shotgun use, so she is a logical pick. In addition, her grenades can be powerful enough to isolate angles and retake the extremely open sites.

As players get more experience on Sunset and RIOT makes adjustments, the meta will certainly develop. However, these five agents are likely to remain solid picks because their kits align with Sunset fundamentals such as lurking, mid-control, and open sites. With confidence, a strong Controller and a steady Sentinel, playing on Sunset is a breeze.