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These 5 VALORANT YouTubers Will Help Step Up Your Game

You too can be radiant if you follow these coaches’ tried-and-true methods – let’s explore which five VALORANT YouTubers will help you escape ELO hell.

Every VALORANT player falls into a loss streak at some point. There is no shame in being hardstuck – it happens to the best of us. The struggle to rank up is real and painful, but worry not – when you finish blaming your teammates, these five VALORANT YouTube channels will help you break out of your peak and climb the ranks with flying colors. Let’s explore where to go for educational VALORANT content when you find yourself queueing comp with 0 RR and a dream.


Woohoojin’s YouTube bio describes him as a “competitive esports player with over a decade of experience,” but he is so much more. Woohoojin is your guy if you need VALORANT coaching. VALORANT players across the globe love this angry banana man for his witty and highly educational VOD review content. Woohoojin reviews VODs of players of every rank and skill level, pointing out mistakes from Iron to Immortal and helping them improve. His advice is easy to apply and helpful to any player’s performance. Along with his content, Woohoojin follows up on his students’ progress and has a discord server fans can use to help each other progress. Woohoojin’s content is chock-full of learning moments – and lots of potassium.


As a peak 1 Radiant, Dopai is a professional VALORANT coach and YouTuber. Don’t be fooled by his charming goat avatar – Dopai knows all the VALORANT secrets and is ready to share them. His videos are more in-depth and theoretical than Woohoojin’s but incredibly useful for higher-level players. Dopai has a no-nonsense attitude that snaps students out of ineffective habits. He also VOD reviews pro players such as curry, Zekken and C0M and breaks down the complex decision-making behind their plays. Watching Dopai is a surefire way to avoid the plague of VALORANT autopilot and start putting serious thought into your games.

SoaR Maxie

Maxie is a signed VALORANT peak radiant and a former Global Elite Counter-Strike: Global Offensive awper. He is a wealth of knowledge who makes in-depth, entertaining videos explaining a Radiant’s decision-making and playstyle on every VALORANT agent. Maxie’s videos are easy to understand and comedic, but their simplicity does not detract from their effectiveness. He practices what he preaches and includes footage of his gameplay to exemplify strong performance. Any avid VALORANT enthusiast will emerge from the experience with a new perspective and renewed motivation.


OD26 makes similar content to Woohoojin and Dopai but has a unique and dynamic coaching format where fans also get to hear the player’s perspective. He is friendly and helps students maximize their strengths while avoiding repetitive mistakes. OD26’s fans have great energy and provide a supportive, positive atmosphere – his chat is rife with comedy and encouragement. Watching OD26 is a great time, and it will shock viewers how much knowledge they pick up while laughing the whole way.


Konpeki creates concise and simple VALORANT how-to guides for every topic imaginable. He teaches everything from map control to aim to agent utility, using handy diagrams and custom game scenes as visual representations of his concepts. While his content caters more towards the basics of VALORANT theory, it is equally beneficial for high-elo players looking to refine mechanical skills. Konpeki makes VALORANT look effortless – and it can be if you follow his advice.

Not every game will be a win, but ranking up is about creating and maintaining individual impact. It is always worthwhile to refine your gameplay skills. After all, your decisions contribute to at least 20% of the match’s outcome – ideally, even more. The wonderful thing about competitive games is that there is always more to learn. A receptive, open mentality will be your strongest asset in your player journey – and pros like these are happy to provide a bit of help along the way.