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  • How good is Cloud9 VALORANT in VCT Americas League?
  • Why is Cloud9 VALORANT so good according to C9 VAL Xeppaa?
  • Cloud9 Xeppaa on being an underdog in VCT Americas League.
  • What is Cloud9 VALORANT Xeppaa’s mindset moving forward in VCT Americas League?

Each and every day, Cloud9 VALORANT continues to surprise VALORANT viewers with their impressive start to the VCT Americas League. Their most recent win against NRG, however, may have been the biggest narrative change from, “Is Cloud9 actually good?” to “How good can Cloud9 become?”

The narrative is finally shifting for Cloud9 VALORANT. They are no longer the team that everybody is discounting in the VCT Americas League. Instead, it’s the opposite effect as they currently stand at a 3-1 record, ahead of every other North American team in the Americas League.

For Erick “Xeppaa” Bach, the constructive criticism was at the heart of Cloud9’s ability to consistently improve in the VCT Americas League week-to-week.

Why is Cloud9 VALORANT good?

Cloud9 VALORANT VCT 2023: Americas League

Cloud9 after a win in VCT Americas League.

While Xeppaa shared that there are “little arguments here and there” because of this, it all comes from a place of wanting to learn from their mistakes and improve. Once they all come to an agreement, then the moment officially passes and Cloud9 is able to move forward. This mentality towards criticism has been one of the biggest factors for the team’s quick growth.

“Everybody just learns quickly because of it,” Xeppaa said. “Everybody on this team just wants to learn. We are all always trying to learn and grow.”

One of the biggest notes about Cloud9’s team has been their growth mindset towards improvement. While it can be easy to let veteran experience create a hierarchy in criticism, Xeppaa highlighted that is something that never slips into the pre-existing trio’s mind. Instead, he sees it as a responsibility to be an “example to Cloud9’s rookies Jake “jakee” Anderson and Dylan “runi” Cade.

“All three of us just try to harp on each other and I think it provides a good example for jakee and runi to know that we are all equals in this team,” Xeppaa said. “We are trying to lead by example and creating an environment where everyone can always be open to giving and taking constructive criticism.”

Cloud9: The underdogs of VCT Americas League

Cloud9 leaf

Nathan "leaf" Orf with Cloud9.

One of the things that has been driving this growth mindset for Cloud9 VALORANT has been the community's doubts about them as a team. While there wasn’t any question of the player’s talents, the community perception was uncertain as to how all five of the players would be able to mesh in a short period of time. This was something that always ran through the team’s mind throughout their time together.

“It’s definitely been on all our minds,” Xeppaa said. “We know we are the underdogs because we have two new players and we haven’t been a team for as long as these other teams.”

Xeppaa shared how he understood the community sentiment towards the team. Unlike other teams in the VCT Americas League, Cloud9 VALORANT had a number of changes going into VCT Americas League. Still, that understanding never dismantled Cloud9’s mentality in practice throughout their short duration together.

Cloud9’s only loss in the season has come against the undefeated LOUD in a close 1-2 series loss. Every other series has been a win as they have moved through the “tough” portion of their schedule in stride.

Moving forward in VCT Americas League

For Xeppaa, success for Cloud9 has been maintaining the fundamentals and bringing their practice onto the VCT stage.

“We are just doing the small things,” Xeppaa said. “We continue to communicate with each other and play how we practice which has been great. Every time we step into to match, we play how we practice and everything has been clicking.”

Now, they move forward into the rest of the VCT Americas League as the team to watch. For Xeppaa, the plan going forward is simple: “Win”.

“Our goal is to win like everybody else,” Xeppaa said. “We’re feeling great and we are practicing hard. We’re here to win, that’s it.”

Cloud9 will take on Furia Esports later today to round out VCT Americas League super week as both teams have their sights set on sole possession of second place in the standings.

That series between both teams will take place at 12PT today.