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Shrouded in Smoke and Mystery: Everything We Know About Clove, VALORANT’s Upcoming Agent 25

The hazy confusion around VALORANT’s newest Controller Clove is clearing with new information. Here’s everything we know.
A graphic teaser featuring Clove, VALORANT's Agent 25.

A graphic teaser featuring Clove, VALORANT's Agent 25.

Episode 7 brought Deadlock, Gekko and most recently Iso to VALORANT’s agent roster. These agents refreshed the meta and brought countless fun moments to players. Sentinel, Duelist and Initiator mains began experimenting with new comps and unorthodox playstyles. 

However, Episode 7’s agent additions neglected one of VALORANT’s most important roles: the Controller. Episode 8 will finally even out the VALORANT devs’ efforts by introducing a mysterious new Controller agent after the epic conclusion of VCT: Masters Madrid. Let’s explore everything we know about Clove, VALORANT’s next agent.

An easter egg email from Deadlock, available in the Range. The email describes Clove as "fearless."

An easter egg email from Deadlock, available in the Range. The email describes Clove as "fearless."

What information do we know about VALORANT’s Agent 25?

According to recent easter eggs, Agent 25’s name is Clove. An email from Deadlock accessible in the Practice Range references the agent by name twice. VALORANT players knew of Agent 25’s existence since users found Clove’s earlier codename “Smokedancer” within the game’s data. As of March 16th, we know the agent's actual codename is "Smonk." The agent has a bright pink and purple aesthetic. Several recent banners and cosmetics confirmed to relate to Clove have featured a butterfly motif and usually include unique purple smokelike designs.

According to leaks, Clove is likely Scottish. Rumor says they have a pink jacket and a “playful smile.” Leakers describe Clove as an agent that ‘vanishes in a flash’ and may have an ability that allows them to return from the dead. Clove’s gender is unknown, but some leaked statements refer to the agent as “her;” the agent is most likely female or nonbinary.

A full tweet from @ValorantUpdated on states: 

New music and graphics on Breeze also signal Clove's arrival. In videos posted by the official VALORANT account, the surf shop/record store now plays an upbeat rock tune and has put up bright pink butterfly posters. In addition, the speakers outside of the shack play a mellow soundtrack and display records with covers resembling an orb of smoke. 

What is VALORANT Agent 25’s role?

Clove is a confirmed Controller agent. Controllers are responsible for smoking off angles, denying information and managing map control. Rumor has it that Clove’s smokes are pink. Like fellow controllers Brimstone, Omen, Viper and Harbor, Clove will thrive as a lurking agent who can secure picks and cut-off rotates.

What are VALORANT Agent 25's abilities? datamining leaks revealed Agent 25's full ability set on March 16th. Clove's abilities are:

(C) Pick Me Up

(Q) Meddle

(E) Ruse

It is important to note Clove's ultimate is still unknown but many speculate it is a self-resurrect due to other leaked character information. We do not know yet what exactly Clove's abilities do, only their names.

When will VALORANT Agent 25 officially be revealed?

Clove’s full agent profile will feature at the Valorant Champions Tour: Masters Madrid Finals on Sunday, March 24th, 2024. The dramatic reveal will cap off an exhilarating tournament full of twists, turns and surprises.

When will VALORANT Agent 25 be released?

Agent 25’s release date is unknown, but they will probably arrive in one of the upcoming patches after Masters Madrid concludes. They will join the game's agent roster after March 24th, 2024, and will almost certainly arrive during Episode 8. Players can expect Clove to join the VALORANT team in the upcoming weeks to months. 

As Agent 25’s official reveal draws closer, Controller mains should brush up on their skills and prepare in ranked. The agent appears full of surprises – Deadlock’s email describes them as “smart, [with] good intuition and guaranteed to be fearless.” Clove will bring a flashy new face to VALORANT's smoke agents, and players will surely be excited to play such a colorful and bright character. Stay tuned for future updates when Clove's full design and ability set are released!